Expect a limited distribution of AMD Radeon RX6800 cards on launch day

Expect a limited distribution of AMD Radeon RX6800 cards on launch day
AMD’s Radeon 6800 XT

AMD’s new graphics cards, the Radeon RX6800 and 6800XT, will go on sale tomorrow, November 18th.

The information comes from a micro center with physical stores across the country. On Tuesday, an online forum for retailers admin Posted by Frequently Asked Questions for the upcoming RX6800 launch. “Size will be very limited at launch, however, we expect GPU to export more on launch day and the following days,” admin “Landshark” posted.

Landshark to the question of how many units the Micro Center received for tomorrow’s release Said: “We were not given an exact number, but from what I was told I would say it would be similar to the Nvidia launch.”

This does not apply to anyone trying to secure a new Radeon card from day one. When Nvidia released its own next-generation graphics RTX3000 series, the products went on sale as soon as they were released, much to the disappointment of many consumers.

“For the Nvidia launch, if I remember correctly, some of our stores did not receive more than 10 cards,” Landshark added.

For the release of the Radeon RX6800, the Micro Center suggested online reservations for graphics cards, citing high demand. As a result, there are already enthusiastic users Camping Outside retail stores hoping to snatch a card early Wednesday morning.

Sales of the RX6800 and 6800XT will begin at 9 a.m. EST Tweet From AMD’s official official radian RX number. In addition to major retailers, AMD plans to sell its own cards online Store. Don’t be surprised if the site crashes due to a flood of buyers.

Third-party manufacturers, including Asus, Gigabyte and MSI, are set to launch their own RX6800 and 6800XT models sometime this month. But it is not clear when Rumors The date may be November 25th.

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