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The small town by the sea, south of Galway on the west coast of Ireland, Doolin is the center of everything we love in Ireland: extraordinary panoramas, traditional music, the warmth of man!

Only a few live in the oasis of authenticity all year round, but as a result of the booming economy in Dublin or other major Irish cities – as a result of the booming economy – but their small Doolin village has been able to survive. Yourself.

This is because in this bouquet arrangement, which is as rocky as grass, you will not find hotel complexes or shopping centers, but multinationals or high-tech companies, but an activity based on the discovery and preservation of a magnificent natural heritage before it reaches its full potential.

Between land and sea

Located on the south side of Galway in County Bern, Doolin is famous for its rock formations. Known as the slopes of the Mohar, they rise 15 km above sea level and reach an altitude of more than 200 m. Comfortable panorama that is sure to make it one of the most beautiful attractions in all of Ireland.

The slopes of the mohair
The slopes of the mohair

On a clear day, you can even see in the distance what the other small gems in this area are: the Aran Islands, three small islands that are not completely destroyed.

Slopes of the Aranian Islands
Inishmore, Aran Island

It takes between half an hour and an hour by boat from Doolin or Galway: Inishir, Inishman or Inishmore. They marvel at their serenity, and certainly take with them parts of an Ireland of another time, however, in the evenings, in the pub, when one finds oneself in music to sing old stories and legends, it remains in the spirits.

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Doolin, the land of Irish music

Because Doolin represents the heart and soul of traditional Irish music. Yes, this small village is internationally recognized as a center of Irish music. Live, Presented in its pubs.

Doolin has four pubs: Guess O’Connors, Fitzpatrick, McGonags and McDermott. During the summer months and some winter evenings you will find music in these pubs every night. Many well-known names in the traditional Irish music scene started in Doolin, and many well-known musicians already came to join a session.

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