Expanding its presence in Thessaloniki

Expanding its presence in Thessaloniki

It will more than double its workforce Thessaloniki and at the know-how center operating in the co-capital of Deloitte. According to company executives, the technology center Deloitte Alexander Competence Center (DACC)today Concerns 900 people, the target is approaching 2000 people.

In this direction, the company is leaving its existing facilities at Technopolis located in Pailaia and moving towards the city center. In particular, it is transferred to the port of Thessaloniki in the old tobacco warehouses of the port with an area of ​​13,700 square meters.

Old PAEGA building

It is the old PAEGA building that dominates the harbor of the co-capital. The building is leased by THOL to Deloitte and is about to be completely renovated to house the company’s increased staff.

The company, well-informed sources say, needs new and much larger offices on the one hand to support new hires and on the other hand to house those hired to date but who continue to work from home due to the coronavirus.

“A large number of employees will return to the office, but the hybrid work model is certain to continue for the foreseeable future,” admits a Deloitte executive. Moreover, it is very convenient for employees (programmers, engineers, accountants, system designers, etc.), thus avoiding wasting time and money on travel.

Deloitte is not only looking in Thessaloniki. After creating a technology center in Patras, it is considering creating a corresponding center in Crete and Ioannina. The reason: As reported by Deloitte executives, our country’s workforce is well-trained and still remains competitive in terms of pay compared to other markets. Therefore, the demand is very high for many large multinational companies who want to gain base in our country.

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Thessaloniki-based DACC contributes in this direction. Recruits and trains staff, mainly in the technology sector, working on Deloitte projects in Greece and abroad or on behalf of third parties. In the second case, after appropriate training, the company acquires individuals who either transfer their salaries to third-party companies or are paid by Deloitte on behalf of a third party.

DACC, Pfizer and to a lesser extent Cisco are the reasons why Thessaloniki is currently a software development center. Transformation continues at Accenture, Deutsche Telekom and Sitecore, with more announcements coming soon.

Who is Deloitte?

Today Deloitte, as a subsidiary of the American company, operates four different entities in our country namely Deloitte AE (Tax Audit), Deloitte Business Solutions AE (provides business advice and IT services), DACC and non-profit Deloitte Greece Foundation. The latter works exclusively for philanthropic, educational and environmental purposes.

The Deloitte Group in our country generated revenues of approximately 88 million euros in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2021.

Most importantly, DACC offers a dimension of outsourcing to the Deloitte Group in Greece. In particular, the provision of services abroad has been increasing in recent years as company employees in Thessaloniki, Athens and Patras work more and more from our country on projects abroad. According to Deloitte BS, services were provided to foreign businesses worth 22 million euros last year, compared to 9 million euros in 2019.

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