Exit Haute-Savoie. Celtic Legends in Close on Thursday, April 7th

Exit Haute-Savoie.  Celtic Legends in Close on Thursday, April 7th

To vibrate, travel and dance from north to south of Ireland, the Celtic Legends return to the Theater des Alos in Clos on Thursday, April 7 at 8pm. This is a condensed version of the genius that scents the greenery of the Irish plains, evoking imagination in the breath of freedom. It is a part of Irish culture that arrives on stage with catchy rhythms.

Born in the Plains of Connemara in 2001, the group was created by young artists from Galway. Musicians use only traditional instruments: the mesmerizing fiddle that supports Bodhran’s powerful melodies, the more melodious guitar, the tired Julian pipe, the penny whistle or even the acrodian. It all ends with songs describing the ruined history of the people of the Emerald Isle. But Celtic legends are typical dances with Irish tap dance. Proficiency in this art requires perseverance and enthusiasm. Dancers use their fluid choreography to invade space and hit the ground hard with passion and harmony.

Irish music and dance are as much an integral part of Irish cultural heritage as language or literature. This Thursday’s show is unique in that it combines tradition, dynamism, creativity and modernity. Celtic legends are a marvel to the eyes and ears!

Thursday, April 7 at 8pm at the Celtic Legends in the Theater des Allos

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