Exhausted Strictly player Maisie Smith requests to stop Gorka while rehearsing until midnight

Exhausted Strictly player Maisie Smith requests to stop Gorka while rehearsing until midnight

They haven’t had an easy Strictly cum dancing journey yet, so Mickey Smith is twice as far ahead of the semifinals this weekend.

East Enters actress (19) and professional dance partner Gorka Marquez were training until midnight on Tuesday.

Going on Instagram, Gorka shared a look at their tough rehearsal routine, where Maizi requested the dedicated star to “wrap it up”.

After spending a few hours completing their first dance ahead of the legendary semi – final on Saturday night, Gorka told Maysi that he was only given a 10 – minute break.

The fiery actress got caught up in her second dance rehearsal.

The pair became exhausted as they continued training at night

Despite the sore muscles and tired legs, Maisie completely nailed her rehearsals and told Gorka’s Instagram followers, “Above the moon.”

The pair were so dedicated to perfecting their dance moves that the staff kicked them out for being too late.

Gorka said: “It is now midnight, and we are being evicted.

Gorka said his bones and muscles ached from the intense rehearsal

“My legs hurt, my back hurts, my hands hurt – everything hurts.”

“My stomach hurts!”

This comes after the amazing soap star revealed that she has gained weight throughout her strenuous journey.

Mickey lowered her body weight into her daily donut addiction.

Speaking to Heat Mag, she said: “It’s weird, everyone always says, ‘Going to this show, you’re going to lose weight.’

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Mickey decided to advance to the finals

East Entrepreneur Babe says he gained weight when he was strict

“But I’m not paying attention to it, because I’m eating three times as much food as I used to.

She continued: “Gorka and I have a bag of donuts every day, so it doesn’t help. Then I eat a lot of fudge. I eat them every day. I know how to cook.

“Fajitas and donuts, that’s my diet right now. That’s a balance, isn’t it?”

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