Examples of daily heat transfer

Examples of daily heat transfer

An example of heat transfer through a conductor. Photo: Ist / Net

Examples of conductive heat transfer can be found in everyday life. Actually heat transfer involves three methods, namely conduction, convection and radiation. However, this discussion will focus on the driving force.

There are many materials in the environment that can withstand heat. That way, if someone does a heat-related activity, there will be some physical events. For example, cooking, making coffee, ironing.

It is easy when you see the sun shining and then feel the heat. This is because the temperature is different from hot or cold. Simply put, heat or heat is an energy source. Another case with a temperature indicating the size of an object.

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This is an example of conductive heat transfer

Conductive heat transfer is the transfer of heat using a solid object as an intermediary. Normally this displacement does not affect the motion of materials in solids. This can happen due to direct contact between two objects.

The reason for the existence of this phenomenon is the difference in temperature between the two objects in contact with each other. It uses a solid that transfers heat from one particle to another. In that way, the heat will continue to spread without transferring the particles or substances remaining at rest.

Lack of particle displacement makes the conduction work very slowly. Usually slowly begins to spread heat to the solid object as a medium.

The following are examples of conduction heat transfer in daily life.

Make hot milk with a glass

When the glass is empty and the temperature is at room temperature, the temperature of the glass is approximately equal to the current position. This is different when the glass already contains hot milk. Slowly the heat will penetrate and the glass will start to heat up.

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Note that hot water has a very high kinetic energy. Thus it affects the particles that form the glass.

Then the presence of these particles will vibrate strongly in space. So it will spread across the glass. This causes the glass to feel more hot.

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Stir in the hot water with a metal spoon

An example of conduction heat transfer can occur in a metal spoon when hot water is stirred. For example a cup of coffee or hot tea. You can then stir with a metal spoon.

If the spoon is left in the cup, it will gradually heat up. This is because the heat of coffee or water flows through the conductor. Including a metal spoon as a styler.

The heat continues to flow into the surrounding atmosphere until it reaches equilibrium between the atmosphere and the coffee. This causes the hot coffee to cool quickly if it is in a low temperature place. Heat transfer is faster than at high temperatures.

Things to touch

Examples of heat transfer through a conductor also occur when touching a hot object. As soon as you feel the heat you will stop catching it. This is because heat flows from the object to the hand through the conductor.

When someone touches the fire it feels hot. That is the transfer of heat through the conductivity of a person’s body. It damages or burns body cells.

Also, when a person takes a bath with hot water, the body feels hot. The heat of the water is transmitted through a conductor to a person’s body. Another example is when someone touches asphalt or sand in hot sun.

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The lid of the pot feels hot

An example of heat transfer through a frequently encountered conductor is the lid of a hot vessel. The lid will usually feel hot when the pot has had enough time to cover. This means that heat is slowly transferred to the lid through the conductor.

When you lift the lid of the pot, your hands will usually feel warm. It is also an example of touching an object that causes a driving event.

There are actually many other examples related to heat transfer. You can better identify the concept of heat transfer using the conduction method.

You need to do some experiments to see an example of heat transfer through the conductor. So the work you do can validly prove that it provides an example of this heat transfer. (R10 / HR online)

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