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Everything you need to know when the weather changes this Halloween

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The clocks are back at 2am on Sunday 31st October so be prepared, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker and longer and colder.

A combination that makes us drowsy, crazy and always ready to sleep. “Cancel” hours mainly indicate the beginning of winter, and also indicate an extra hour for Sunday blanket day.

To see the bright side, here is everything you need to know about clock change.

A spokesman for Solace Light Bulbs said: “It’s an interesting fact that the concept of summer saving was actually introduced in 1907 by the grandfather of Coldplay singer Chris Martin! William Lillett published a study called The Waste of Daylight, which aims to change the time of the country and get people to sleep earlier.

“His grandson Chris Martin has had great success with hits like ‘Clux’ and ‘Daylight’ which may have been inspired by his grandfather.”

Currently, about 70 countries are participating in the DST. Ireland is located in the Greenwich Mean Time and shares simultaneously with Great Britain, Iceland, Portugal and some countries in North West Africa.

You do not sleep those extra hours because you do not know that the time has changed for your internal body clock, you are more likely to wake up at normal times.

Annabelle Edwards (5) is ready to revive the clocks

In winter, it is important to expose the morning light wherever you can, as daylight is usually a few hours. The light acts as a strong signal to alert the internal clock, and daylight ensures that it stays in sync 24 hours a day.

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Darkness is not bad news, some experts say, as many of us do not get the dark exposure we need to stay healthy. Accepting the dark will improve your eating habits, which will result in a reduction in appetite and unhealthy snacks late at night.

Although it is known that the absence of daylight when the clock returns will worsen the mood of people with social anxiety, the lack of exposure to darkness can also have negative emotional consequences. Psychologists have found that watching television late at night can cause depression due to the effects of light emitted from the screen.

Solos is an Irish company committed to providing a full range of energy efficient lighting products for all possible applications.

As the hours go by and it gets darker in the evening, Solas Light has new LEDs with XCrossTM filament design that shine and glow like the famous old bulbs we grew up but use. 90% less energy.

Replacing three halogen lamps with LEDs with three hours of electricity per day can save a family up to 43 per year.

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