Everything you need to know before restarting Pro D2


This Thursday evening, the second division of French rugby returns with a shock, the entry between Beyonc and Agan, both relegated. Focus on the teams you are following this season.


Bayonne: Arrived immediately, left immediately?

Anyway, this is what Ivron Bayonise likes. After the Dantesque Barrage against the Cursed Enemy of the Beatrice Olympics, which ended in penalties (6-6, 6 Tabs to 5), Bayonne did not intend to last long in the Second Division. To this end, the team, coached by the experienced Yannick Brew (now with the help of Jeff Dubois), made the most of the recruitment of South African third tier Usair Cassium or veterans Isaiah Tovia and Jan David.

Player to watch: Jan David (center, 33)

Vanas: For Brittany in the top 14?

In recent years, there has been something to smile about in the presence of a high-level Breton club. But RC Vanas, who finished second best last season, should be taken very seriously. The 2016-2017 season (11, 8, 4, 2) continues to progress since Prodi 2, and the rise of the elite will be the logical result of a plan that has been built and matured over many years. The recruitment of South African international scout Huff Rudy Paige and Irish international pillar Rodney Ahyu has strengthened an ambition.

Player of the Year: Nick Abdendon (p. 34)


Oyonax: The expected surprise?

Currently, the Ain Club runs between two waters. A candidate profile clearly indicates its budget and its workforce. Having lost twice in a row in the semi-finals of the entry – against Bayonne (2019) and Perpignan (2021) – this time around, O’Neill wants to give himself the way he wants. By reforming the budget (10. 10.2 million against 9 9.5 million last season) the staff (Vialelle, Sweetnam, …) brought a substantial level of recruitment and staff (codling, eustace) to bring all their experience to the next level, even international.

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Player of the Year: Johan Le Boris (First Half, 27)

Grenoble: After the hit, come back?

There’s a similar case where a person living in the recent Top 14 wants to return quickly. The much-anticipated Stade des Alps players at the start of last season suddenly collapsed into the standings with only 4 wins after 10 days. If Grenoblois can straighten the bar this season, the slap he got in the playoffs (41-14) in the playoffs will have the last bitter impression of this mixed season. To put it bluntly, FCG can count on Fabian Gngen Butcher, the new manager who replaced Stephen Glass after two disappointing seasons in Pro D2.

Player to watch: Ange Capuso (back, 21)

But, Colomiers, Never, Montauban


Agent: Recovering from a season in hell

How can AUS overcome last season, which allowed 26 defeats in so many days? Confidence and inevitably shattered. So much for mental questioning. For the athlete, there is uncertainty. Agent leaders did a (legitimate) major cleaning at work and separated themselves from some of the most harmful elements (but not all, contracts need to be respected …). To begin with, they trusted the youth. So an employee turned upside down, and inexperienced. Who can change. Or crash …

Player to watch: Samuel Nolet (third row, 19 years old)


Burg-en-Brezze: Play your luck

In a poll published in Midi-Olympic This Monday, 11 of Pro D2’s 16 leaders are coming down as fast as they were promoted to the Brosnan Upper Division. It should be noted that he holds a record that does not argue in favor of the USBBA: the club’s most wins (13) and (60) were relegated nationally. Also, after a single season in Pro D2 in 2018-2019, Bresson is down there as well. All signs point to a new express return trip to Burg-en-Bress, so the club will be relieved of any pressure this season.

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Player to watch: Mathews Weard (opener, 24)

Norbon: Restore the orange and black coat

This is another big name in French rugby, which is gradually returning to the front of the stage. After spending four seasons of vegetation in the national season, the disorder was finally repaired. Even if Narbonne had to fight Nice (12-9) and go through the small door to climb to the top, the result was the same, a big release for the men of Bryce Mack and Julian Seron. Led by the boot of their young opening half Boris Goutard, the author of the penalty for the climb, Narbonne arrives at Tiptoe this season, but does not intend to reverse a descent anytime soon.

Must See: Boris Goutard (Opening Half, 23)

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