Everything you need to know about St. Patrick’s Day!

Tout savoir sur la Saint-Patrick !

Origin: How did it start?

Born into a Christian family in Great Britain in the 4th century, St. Patrick went to Ireland in 432 to preach the gospel at the request of Pope Celestine. Using a shamrock he explained the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish. That is why the second is the symbol of this country. He will drive out all the snakes that were there to convert the people. Of course, snakes are symbols of ignorance and represent Celtic polytheism.

He manages to challenge the local druids to impose the Christian faith. The myth of St. Patrick mixes reality with folklore and legend. Of course, legend has it that he killed all the snakes and ran away, but there have never been any dangerous snakes in this country. It is a metaphor for awakening pagan beliefs that are considered satanic. Snakes can also be a metaphor for associating with unbelievers.

St. Patrick dies in 461, and Ireland becomes a major Christian, without even considering a single martyr. Monasteries are becoming more and more widespread and already numerous. One thousand years later, in 1631, Pope Urban VIII declared March 17 to be the feast day of St. Patrick and included it in the Christian calendar. However, it is too late to become very popular and patriotic these days. It was not until 1903 that this date was declared a public holiday.

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Note that the first St. Patrick’s Day event did not take place in Ireland. This happened in 1762 in New York, United States, when Irish soldiers marching through the city on that date were fighting the English. The first parade in Ireland took place in 1931. Only during the mid-1990s did the government use this holiday to promote Irish culture around the world.

The largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world is taking place in New York. In 2006, more than two million people attended the event. In Chicago, too, the festival has a small twist: the water in the river is green. Canada is also going Irish style on this date, with the largest parade in the country taking place in Montreal.

All symbols associated with this holiday

Initially, the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was blue. However, green appeared in 1798, when Ireland adopted Shamrock as its main symbol, representing the Holy Trinity. It is now a strong symbol of this holiday, but has also become a symbol of Ireland. You can see the Celtic harp, one of the most important symbols of this country and this festival. It is associated with Celtic fields and remains a tool of choice in this country, as it has been used by many blind people. So this tool was widely circulated without written scores.

Some medieval tools are rare but have been preserved. You can admire them at the Museum in Scotland. Another symbol that owes enough recognition to St. Patrick’s Day is, apparently, Irish beer. She is undoubtedly thankful that this celebration has been a success around the world. The most popular is obviously Guinness, which is a hit on March 17th. You will also find a leper or sheep with its Irish sweater.

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