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Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction novels receive premium streaming treatment on Apple TV Plus with a new Foundation TV series.

Although he has a strong influence on everything from Dune to Star Wars, The Hitch Hikers Guide and everything from Galaxy to Futurama, this is the first time the Foundation has appeared on screen.

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After years of trying to ground off foundation films or shows, Apple finally seems to have succeeded. The foundation may have moved backwards due to delays related to Kovid, but it will go back on track and launch next month.

So read all we know about the Foundation TV series coming to Apple TV Plus. If you do not already have an Apple TV Plus, you can sign up by tapping the button below.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus may not have content like other streaming services, but it complements it with the quality of its content. These include For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, The Banker, Greyhound and Palmer.

What is the Foundation Television Series about?

In the Foundation television series, a group of expatriates work to save humanity from a failed empire.

Dr. Harry Seldon (Jared Harris) predicts the collapse of the galaxy empire in the distant future. This pitted Zelden against the rulers, the Clions, who wanted to prevent him and his followers from losing their multi – generational rule.

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But if Seldon is killed, the Clones know that action could strengthen his already growing number of supporters.

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When civilization collapses, the Seldon Foundation hopes for future generations to understand human history using the statistical laws of the mathematician.

When and where can I see it?

Image D Stock D Apple TV 3

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

The Foundation is releasing on September 24, exclusively on the Apple TV Plus.

The first three episodes will start simultaneously on September 24, in line with several other Apple original series.

After that, the series will air every week.

Apple has not yet announced plans for other seasons.

Who is involved?

Apple TV Plus Foundation

The Foundation stars Jared Harris, Lee Paes, Lou Lobel, Leah Harvey, Laura Byrne, Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton.

However, the overall cast is huge. Below is a list of actors we know, along with the characters they play:

Cassian Bilton as Don Daniel McPherson as Hugo Jared Harris as Fara Laura Byrne as Eto Demersel Lea Harvey as Salver Hardin Le Pace as Gal Dornick Praveen as Roland Tanner Keer Mido Hamada as Skelton, Master Shadow Obrech as Alicia Gerard, Yate Isaiah as Joshua Chambers, Mystery Boy Johanna O’Brien as Shiva Nicole Borian as Romis Geoffrey Cantor as Ambassador Tanwal Jade Harrison as Travik ‘

Behind the camera, David S. Goyer works as a showrunner. Goer, who co-authored the Foundation’s first two episodes with Josh Friedman, is best known for his work on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

The directors of the foundation include Rupert Sanders, Alex Graves, Jennifer Fang and Roxanne Dawson.

Has Kovid-19 affected the Foundation TV series?

Foundation Television Series

As with many series and movies, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak halted production and delayed the Foundation’s release.

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Filming was taking place in Ireland in March 2020 when Kovid imposed restrictions. At the time, Apple was discontinuing production, the largest production in Ireland.

The Foundation, like other Apple series, had to discontinue production.

Other Apple TV Plus series affected by the production shutdown include Sea, Servant, For All Mankind, Lizzie’s Story, and Mythical Quest: The Ravens Banquet.

A science fiction classic

Foundation Television Series

The Original Foundation is a symbolic and influential work of science fiction by the American writer Isaac Asimov.

These works, which first appeared as a series of short stories in the 1940s and 1950s, were brought together in the 1950s as a trilogy of novels – Foundation, Foundation, Empire, and Second Foundation. In 1966 he won the Hugo Award for the Asimov Foundation, which was selected as the best series of all time.

The author later returned to the series. In the 1980s he wrote the sequels and foreshadowings of the original trilogy.

The Foundation has left its mark throughout the history of science fiction and fantasy.

Other works link the Foundation to Asimov’s Robot and Empire series, making the Foundation part of a larger imaginary universe.

Attempts have been made to match the Foundation in the past, but the Foundation Television series on Apple TV Plus came into effect first. New Line Cinema, Sony and HBO have taken full ownership of the property at various times since the 1990s.

Roland Emerick was at one point associated with the system, and HBO hired Jonathan Nolan for a series of previous attempts.

What to expect from the Foundation TV series

Since there are so many stories to inspire, the Apple Foundation may decide to take the TV series in many directions. The synopsis and trailers so far indicate that the series mainly sticks to the main storyline of the original stories collected in the Foundation Trilogy.

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Unless a large part of the story is cut, the series will not include the events of all three novels in its 10-episode first season.

It is reasonable to assume that the first season contains the first book and that future seasons will include later stories. (Suppose the Foundation is a great success to give more assurance.)

Aesthetically, we can already tell from the trailers that this is a gorgeous look with stunning visuals, beautiful dresses, makeup and comfortable locations.

We can expect it to be as good as it looks.

That’s all we know about the Foundation TV series coming to Apple TV Plus in September.

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