“Everything must win with this generation”

"Everything must win with this generation"

The 3rd line of UBB Cameron Walkie (23), a symbol of a French team with fighting spirit and ability, has become an indispensable element. Toulon Gabin Villier, 26, the international winger, like the Blues, created a sensation with his initiative and confusing criminal nature.

You were recalled against Wales after your injury.

This is proof that things have gotten better. I did what I had to do to get back up, recover and regain fitness.

How did you feel about the match against Scotland (36-17)?

Very good. I was alone. Most of the Toulon players were out. I was excited in front of my television.

How can you be calm when talking about a crown and a Grand Slam?
There is no such thing as excessive excitement. We take matches one by one and we focus on each encounter.

You are one of the symbols of the attacking power of this French team. How do you live?

Passes, races, all self-promising players, we are free in our role. You can carry danger everywhere. The staff is accurate. No more fallen balls. They often get to the right place. We look for places with our hands and feet.

Gradually, we have a full offense palette. It enables scoring in slurs, direct game launches with forwards, counterattacks … We change aggressive moves well and we score tries in all these compartments. There is all this work behind the curtain, and it is well done, especially for the forwards and their accelerators.

When you do not have the ball, defending on opposing kicks, do not want to be seen, this job also works, it is very important.

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The team is in place, climbing out of the back forward. The players make all these attempts to overtake the opponents. Through these details, we find spaces and place them in our game space.

“We provided excellent discipline against Ireland”

What were the motives before confronting this gigantic and huge machine from Ireland in the tournament (France Success 30-24, Editor’s Note)?

We can not say that this match against Ireland is a final before the letter, however we need to discuss this time frame well and take it as a match like everyone else to achieve our goal.

We expected a big challenge and a big fight. After all, to win this match against such an opponent, it was necessary to be honored before the match. Against them, it is always necessary to leave the camp without relying too heavily on defense, but without restricting our game or making mistakes.

It was definitely a match to be won. However, the approach is the same for everyone else. Our goal is to win every match. However, this selection of Ireland remains very strong and remains one of the teams at the moment, currently arguably one of the most formidable.

We know the benefits of their most mobile pack in Europe. Ireland is still very strong. It hurts so much, it just keeps moving forward. He is very efficient, especially in contact, malls, as well as closed souks. The Irish touch is always a lot taller. They are always confident of their strength and the most disciplined team in Europe.

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They play very rhythmically. On the ground, this choice is very dense. She is making a lot of progress. This is definitely one of the best countries. Our previous meeting against Italy (wins 37 to 10, editor’s note) hinted at some things. Unfortunately, we admitted a lot of mistakes.

We have a constant job to do to discipline, but in competitions, we also notice that things are getting better and better for the France team in this area.

Cameron Walkie loves responsibility

What has changed in this France team since last year?

(Smiles) Not really many things. I remember that incredible game in the tournament against the same team from Ireland. We won the bar (15-13). We found a very tough opponent at the base and excelled in the win.

Even if you are not trying to draw light specifically on yourself, what about your return to the 2nd row position? What were your feelings?

Very good. I never missed a mark. I was very well accompanied by staff and players during the invasion stages. I have no problem progressing to the 2nd row position. I’m fine. Even though it did me a lot of good. This allowed me to develop another game and get tougher.

I was able to get this fight to the top. I knew I had a lot of responsibilities to touch against this team from Ireland. When confronted with this power of their own, it was imperative to react in the air and on the ground.

“When you live with confidence, you play more freely”

How can a native of the Paris region, found in Bobigny and trained in Massie, explain that this breeding ground is so rich in this region?

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In this area, clubs are doing serious work, and the teachers are very efficient and of a high standard. This is a very interesting pool not only in football.

More and more Isle-de-France residents are playing rugby, which is a big deal. More broadly, it is very productive for our physical development.

Can you return to the level of U20 World Champion (in 2018)? What has this changed for you personally and for your game?

This title, I’m not going to hide it, really changed a lot of things. It had a huge impact on my personal life too. I’m not going to hide things.

Once I got this title in my pocket, I felt like I got more confidence from my coaches. This is now a reality at my club level as well. Naturally when you live with confidence, you play more freely. The way you play also takes more risks.

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