Evergreen Educational Farm Trophy: Marco Leoni is strong for three wins and Christina Molteni is strong in mountain running

Evergreen Educational Farm Trophy: Marco Leoni is strong for three wins and Christina Molteni is strong in mountain running

Great success at the 6th Evergreen Education Farm Trophy – first Mario Gianola Memorial, first bronze of the National Bronze Fidel Race, first round of the CSI Regional Mountain Running Trophy, and the Vanoni Trophy in the hamlet of Arzo organized by the GS CSI Morbegno).

One hundred in the beginning

From the very beginning there was a great day with a hundred competing athletes and about fifty interested in non-competitive walking, and a decent audience on the course and in the finish area. One day dedicated to the great passion for mountain racing, Karen Gianola’s Evergreen Educational Farm was its nerve center and main sponsor.


The first to set out were the two-time race course riders in the Pheido and Pitalon areas, with a positive difference of 9.7 km and an altitude of 597 m. Soon a quartet formed by Malenko genius Matteo Bardia (AS Lansada), Red Devils captain Marco Leoni, teammate Diego Rossi and athletics master Pidagia Simone Parade. In the second lap alone, Bartia expert Leonik is 10 ”ahead of Rossi, who went down the hill in Python’s GPM. Leonie Turbo in Downhill raised her hands to the finish – the third time in the competition – after 43’47 “9 ahead of Diego Rossi”. Simon Parade (Attlee Pidagia 1528), Tomaso Caneva (GP Thalamona 45’09 “) and Jr. Matteo Bardia (AS Lansada 45’09”) finished in the top five at the lowest point of the podium at 44’30 From the top ten are David Curioni (GP Valcia 6 °), Federico Pedrini (Dani Carret Briansa 7 °), Roberto Pedronselli (GP Santi 8 °), Fabricio Fassendini (GP Santi 9 °), Remo 10 °).

“I started to cover up a bit, because initially my legs weren’t great – the announcement of the winner Marco Leoni – and then in the first descent I separated the slightly abandoned Matteo (Bardia), but Diego (Rosie) was awake. In the final descent I started to withdraw from my team and I won through a small gap ”.


Christina Molteni (also known as GP Walchia), a very strong middle distance runner in the 5.7 km women’s race, has returned from a beautiful season on the track and is showing many skills and technical skills even on a course that can be run. Aerobic One wins 29’06 “best time” with a 1’21 break, giving the mighty skiller Samantha Bertolina (Atl. Alta Valtelina) a 1’21 break. Francesca Colombo (Atl. Leco Colombo Costrussioni 33’46 “) completes the stage, with Sarah Asparini (GS CSI Morbegno 34’16”) and Elena Rusconi (CS Cortenova 34’38 “) in the top five.

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“After a lot of tracks, I thought about going back to a mountain running race, a discipline I really like – the post-race announcement of the winner, Christina Molteni – I had no particular preparation for a race like this, but the nature of the ups and downs allowed me (Bertolina) to impose my own speed. I loved running and the course was really nice. “


The organizers of the Evergreen Educational Farm Trophy GS CSI Morbegno surpassed CS Cortenova (1072 points) and Team Valtellina (744 points) with 2168 points.

Upcoming events

President Giovanni Roufoni’s Association’s next appointment is the Morbegnes Trophy, scheduled for August 21: 10km recognition for the historic Morbegno Road Race for all categories, absolute and master region.


Here are the winners in all categories:
Junior: Veronica Basu (CA Lisoli), Matteo Bardia (AS Lansada)
Promises: Christina Molteni (as GP Walcia), Luka Tantardini (CS Cortenova)
Senior: Alessia Bergamini (Atleco Leco Colombo Costrussioni), Marco Leoni (GSCSI Morbegno)
Master 35: Alessandro Pomi (CS Cortenova)
Master 40: Sarah Asparini (GSCSI Morbegno), Simon Parade (Atletica Pidagia 1528)
Master 45: Elena Rusconi (CS Cortenova), Oscar Giovio (Attlee Center Lario)
Master 50: Gabriela Artusi (Paul Pagnona), Roberto Pedronselli (GP Santi)
Master 55: Sergio Di Mio (Thalamona Grand Prix)
Master 60: Teresa Paroletti (Atla. Paratico), Gianbattista Mattoni (Paul. Pagnona)
Master 65: Aiol Ronchi (Attlee de Lumezine), Salvatore Tarabini (GSCSI Morbegno)
Master 70: Marino Castellanelli (Vetreria Fanoni Sondrio)
Master 75: Dulio Volpini (GSCSI Morbegno)

Photo: Emmanuel Manfredini

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