Events in Bologna on September 30: Gregorio Botta’s Show, Human Comedy and Yoko Yamada Comedy

Events in Bologna on September 30: Gregorio Botta's Show, Human Comedy and Yoko Yamada Comedy


Pao Spacamondi
Montagnola Park, via Irnerio, 9pm, free admission
Turin guitarist and composer Paulo Spacamondi arrives at the review forum “Frida Sugarhill”. Underground Music People Show ”with its rich collection makes it one of the leading names in the Italian event scene.

Pacific Bariton
Bentivoglio Winery, via Mascara, 9.30pm, info
Onofrio Paciulli (piano), Michel Vignali (baritone sax), Luka dal Poso (double bass), Dario Massuko (drums). This is the formation of the band “Pacific Baritone” which will be performed this evening on the stage of Cantina Bentivoglio.

ERJ Orchestra
Jazz & Music Club Room, Alemagna Alli, 9.45pm, admission 12 euros
Club Resident Band Barrend Midhloff, Canio Cossia, Francesco Millon (saxophones), Jacopo Fagioli, Ivan Elephante (trumpets), Giancarlo Giannini, TBA (trombones), Emilian Ponto, Drums).

Emola, various places, information
Double assignment in Imola for XXII edition of Crossroads, a travel festival. This afternoon (6 pm), the auditorium of the Vasura Baronsini School of Music will host a presentation of the book “I am Michelle Petrusiani” by Vanni Masala and Marilyn Pasini (6 pm), while at 9 pm in Titro Dell Oservansa Pepe Cervillo (Vocals), Fabrizio (Fabrizio) ), Javier Girotto (saxophones), Rita Marcottulli (piano), Furio de Castri (double bass), and Mattia Barbieri (drums) all pay homage to Domenico Modugo’s songs.

Celebrating Pierflamigni
Reservations are required at 051 451200 or 051 6279938, via San Lazaro de Savena, Sala San Paradiso, Bellary 7, 8.30pm
Pierre Flamigni’s wife and children are organizing a party in memory of the musician and poet from Forley, who died last March. A monument to the promise to celebrate musicians, artists and human beings on a particular evening “you can always breathe the joy and positivity that made him different”.

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The Human Comedy
Municipal Art Collections, Piazza Magior, 6 pm-9pm, Website Information
The Bolognese company Titrino Giulra celebrates 25 years with a special program of theaters, visions, exercises, exhibitions, performances, installations and workshops. The project tonight’s exhibition and exhibition “The Human Comedy” is a journey through the masks, images and natural objects created by the company over time.

Approval by SORCERER
Teatro Deuce, Cartoleria 42, via 6 pm, info 051 231836
After “The Wizard of Oz”, “Peter Pan”, and “Puss in Boots”, the review of “Bimbi Al Dusey Connod” continues with another great classic in children’s literature. The Fantatro company recommends the “magician’s apprentice” (from 3 years).


“Go for the Gothic Line”
Feltrinelli Bookshop, Piazza Ravegnana, 6pm, free admission subject to availability
Andrea Santangelo talks with Maria Pia Germandi and Brunella Torresin to present her new book, “Going for the Gothic Line”, which proposes five different voyages to explore the 320 km of the German defense system that banned access between 1944 and 1945. Po Valley, to the Allied forces coming from the south.

Oratorio San Filippo Neri, Mansoni 5, by 8.30pm, requires free admission with reservations ( or 349 761 9232)
Julia Blasi presents an exciting collection of short essays in the monologue “Bruta. History of a Body Like Many” and “Against the patriarchal necessity of beauty”. Accompanying the author will be actress and stand-up comedian Laura Formenti and Eugenia Fattori on stage in San Filippo Neri.

“I play what I play. I play mingus.”
TPO, 17/5, 7 pm via Kasarini, free admission
Laura Pasotti, Andrea Antonasso, Flavio Massaruto and Pascual confuse “Squas” with Todisco.

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Salaborsa Library, Piazza Netuno 3, 6 pm, free admission
New appointment for the review of “Sounds of Lirby”. This afternoon, in particular, Eva Canterella presents her work on “The Protagonist. Women’s Liberation through Sports “. With the participation of co-authors Etor Miraglia and Susanna Zachary

“Moon Stations”
Amilcar Cabral Library, via San Mamolo 24, 5.30 pm, info 051 581464
Ubah presents the novel “Stations of the Moon” in a conversation with poet and author Christina Ali Farah Maria Christina Ercolesi (El Oriental University of Naples) and Nadia Valgimigli (expert on African literature).


Breathe OT
Studio G7 Gallery, via Val D’Aposa 4 / A, 3pm-9pm, info
The exhibition of Gregorio Botta begins this afternoon with a project related to the individual “breathing” in progress at the studio Trisorio in Naples. The two exhibitions explore the artist’s recent work together and Ho formally joins to present the unpublished works of the “Ho? Lederlin Paradise” cycle.

Leonardo Sciasia and Roberto Roverci. Dialogues in Utopia
Galvani Lisio Library, Largo Benassi 1, 4.30, Information and reservations on the Gramsci Foundation website (
Second appointment to a series of dialogues promoted by the Gramsci Emilia-Romagna Foundation to explore the diversity of Sicilian writers and intellectuals in his birth centenary. In particular, Antonio Bagnoli and Jesse Simonini will attend the meeting this afternoon.

For the sea with Dante
Mambo, via Don Minsoni 14, 5.30pm, Free Admission via Reservation (
Amor became part of the Gentile Project. Dante, Bologna and the Conversation of Love, talks with German poet, essayist and translator Ders Gronbein Sylvia Rusenenti, and the boys and girls at Bologna Unibo’s Contemporary Poetry Center

Yoko Yamada
Covo Club, Viole Zagreb, 8pm, admission 10 euros
“Pizza Zul Gelato” is the title of the show, which features stand-up comedian Yoko Yamada (main characters in stand-up comedy (Comedy Central) and Dirty Talk) with ulcerative colitis, exits, and existential crises babies

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Samia runs fast
San Lazaro de Savena, ITC Titro, via Remembrance 26, 9 pm, Admission 10 Euro
Magnifico Teatrino Errante, a theater company featuring the story of Samia Yusuf Omar, a Somali woman who aspires to become a sprinter and win the Olympics. Inspired by Giuseppe Catosella’s novel “Do Not Tell Me to Be Afraid”, the show was graced by live performances by musician Grit Jebel Kanute.

Street food
Castel Magiore, Piazza Amendola, 6pm, free admission
More than 30 stands and food trucks from around the world with Greek, Irish, Argentine, German, American and Italian specialties: the “Platia Sibis” Street Food Festival kicks off this afternoon Sunday in Castell Magiore.


Modena, Church of San Pietro, via San Pietro 7, 9 pm, info 059 214 333
As part of the 24th edition of the Estense Music Festival “Grandeze & Meravigli”, the Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble Visual Musicals presents a collection of highly specific sacred passages in conjunction with Paulo Benedetto Bellinzani’s Archangelo Corelli’s Church Sonatas.

Collapse Demartino
Ferrara, Ferrara Municipal Theater, Corso Martട്ടിr della Libert 5, 9 pm, Admission € 23
Ferrara Under the Stars 2021 Grand Finale. The 25th Festival concludes with a concert by the extraordinary duo Colapes de Martino: the revelation of Santemo’s Sicilian singer-songwriters on stage at the Titro Communal for the final date of their tour.

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