Even the Hubble Space Telescope backup computer is not working properly right now

Even the Hubble Space Telescope backup computer is not working properly right now
Hubble Space Telescope in Earth Orbit. NASA

NASA has been trying for two weeks to find out what the Hubble Space Telescope is, but the mystery has deepened.

Launched in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope is the world’s most powerful space telescope. He photographed the births and deaths of stars, discovered new moons around Pluto, and observed two interstellar objects as they passed through our solar system. Hubble’s observations allowed astronomers to estimate the age and expansion of the universe and to observe galaxies formed after the Big Bang.

But the Earth Observatory has not done any scientific work for 12 days. On June 13, the computer with the payload of the 1980s telescope, which controls and monitors all the scientific instruments of the spacecraft, abruptly shut down.

Since then, NASA’s Hubble team has been working to resolve the issue. Although the computer could not be repaired, the team found that a Hubble backup could always be transferred to the payload computer.

But this week, NASA found that the backup computer was not working properly either. So, I’m looking for a new explanation for Hubble’s Nigu problems.

Hubble took NASA to a rabbit hole full of bubbles

During the first repair mission of the Hubble Space Telescope, astronauts installed a series of special lenses to fix a defect in the main mirror. NASA

NASA tried to restart the truck for the first time. The team paid attention to the memory module, which was bad because it recorded errors. Hubble’s team thought this might be the cause of the problem, but they did not succeed. The memory module will not work on any of its three backups. This indicates that the source of the problem was greater than the source.

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Team diagnostic tests began this week on other parts of the truck. They also decided to turn on the backup truck – which has not been turned on since 2009 by astronauts using a telescope. But the new computer on the same device had similar errors to the original.

This means that, in the end, the problem may not be with the useful computer. This is another system that is still upstream.

“Since not all individual hardware components are likely to have problems, the team now sees other hardware as a potential culprit,” the NASA report said. Blog update Friday.

This image, taken after Hubble’s second service mission in 1997, shows the Hubble Space Telescope flying over the Earth – space boundary. NASA

The Hubble team now believes that the culprit is a unit that can send commands to telescopic scientific instruments and prepare data from those instruments to return to Earth. This unit is called the Team / Data Science Coordinator (CU / SDF).

NASA says a faulty power regulator can also cause problems. If the controller sends the wrong voltage to the Hubble devices, this will explain common problems.

The agency’s update says NASA plans to continue evaluating other parts of the telescope next week. If the problem seems to be caused by a CU / SDF or power regulator, the team plans to switch to their spare parts. (Hubble has many backups, NASA does not currently have space probes, and can carry astronauts to replace damaged parts.

Although Hubble is 31 years old, he has done more scientific work in recent years than ever before. NASA expects the telescope to continue operating in the 1920s.

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Hubble is one of NASA’s most important astronomical missions. It’s been running for more than 31 years, and NASA expects it to continue for years to come, ”a NASA spokesman said. He told Insider earlier this week. “Given the value of Hubble to the scientific community, it is still the most powerful telescope available, so age is not a determining factor.”

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