Even before it was introduced in Parliament, the vaccine Crisps had passed

Even before it was introduced in Parliament, the vaccine Crisps had passed

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Unlike many European countries, France has no strict measures for holidays. The government is trying to convert the health pass into a vaccination pass. A negative test is no longer enough to board a train or enter a bar. The bill has already provoked strong reactions as the first round of talks begins this week.

With Anthony Latier, From the Policy Department of RFI

The Netherlands is rearranging itself, Denmark is closing its cultural venues, Ireland is banning access to bars and restaurants in the evenings … but France, it’s not happening on this ground. On Friday, December 17, Prime Minister Jean Costax announced a strong move: Establishment of a vaccination pass.

The government will first discuss with senators and deputies on Tuesday, December 21, how to make the Health Pass a vaccination pass. A bill will be introduced and debated in Parliament at the beginning of the year and is expected to take effect by the end of January.

Stress in those who have not been vaccinated

This political debate will not fail to activate the presidential election campaign. From the National Rally (RN) to La France Inzoumis (LFI), we already condemn further attacks on freedom. Government spokesman Gabriel Atal speculates at LCI, wants to put pressure on non – vaccinators: ” We want people who have been vaccinated to be able to live almost normally. This indicates that people who have not been vaccinated are unfortunately living in the next prison.

Professor Olivier Bouchaud, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Diseases at Avicenna Hospital in Paris, is not alarmed about the situation in hospitals in France: ” This is worrying, but there is no risk of saturation for a very short time., He explains Marine de la Moisonier, Of RFI’s France service. Vaccination coverage in France offers a small relief that some countries do not have. I think it would be sufficient to introduce these provisions, which have relatively less restrictions than some countries.

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Community participants worry about a vaccine pass in the workplace

The government now wants the vaccine pass to be applied to bars, restaurants, cultural venues, trains or planes – the same places as the current health pass. But a track that has so far been omitted will be discussed with unions and employers at the Ministry of Labor on Monday, December 20: The idea of ​​introducing a health pass in the workplace. An idea that has raised eyebrows from social partners this weekend.

This amount is too large and can cause a lot of problems. Yves Warrier, general secretary of the Force Auvergne in question, warns Pauline Glees, From the Finance Department of the RFI. For example, this can be a source of inequality: if you are in a teleworking position, you can discuss the fact of teleworking with our employer instead of submitting a health pass. Anyone who is not at the teleworking station will not have this alternative. If this is the only implementation, this tool is, in my opinion, not the most effective or functionalL. ⁇

Check-in rush before Christmas

While waiting for the vaccination pass, on the eve of the holiday, with the resurgence of the Kovid-19 epidemic, the world is flocking to screening centers. In Nantes, the Town Hall Leo-Lagrange Center was opened specifically to meet this need. As our correspondent at Nantes observed, more than 400 PCR and saliva tests were performed there on Sunday. Matthew Bonneur. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

I have family dinner on Tuesday night. I hope it will be negative », Breaths Yannick, in contact case. Stephanie, who is also a contact case, should cancel her planned visit to Sweden to see her sister: ” With seven days to try again, I canceled my plans for Christmas. We begin to get tired and lose hope.

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Frankie came as a precaution. He plans to join the family for Christmas. But if there is a positive result, he already has an idea in mind. ” If it’s positive, we’ll see positive friends in the worst case scenario and party together He smiles. For Clemens, who came with her husband and daughter, this Christmas 2021 will be celebrated as a very small group: a few days ago she tested positive. ” We are definitely going to cancel Christmas. With my mother, who is immunocompromised, we are not going to take any risks , She explains.

A report in Paris by Tangui Roman Clovallux

Covid-19 in France: What to do for Christmas?

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