Europol examines Pandora papers

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The cooperative investigation, published in October, is based on financial documents analyzed by the European Criminal Police Agency. The first report has been published.

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P.The ICIJ consortium and its partners forgot last October Evening, The joint Pandora Papers investigation, based on the leak of 11.9 million financial documents, revealed potential cases of tax evasion, money laundering and corruption. A mountain of information that began to analyze Europol and led to the publication of the first report this week Evening, Nike Their partners were able to consult.

Entitled “Shadow Money, the International Network of Illegal Money Laundering,” this police report recalls that in 2019, the total assets worldwide were estimated at 7,500 billion euros – 20% of the European share. This massive capital flight will cost the EU member states 46 billion euros in 2016 alone.

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