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Europe’s first Tic Tac Toe has announced a new data center in Ireland

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Rome, 6 August. (Adcronos)

For the first time in Europe, Tick Tock is building a new data center in Ireland. The announcement was made by Roland Klitschko, Global Chief Information Security Officer of the Chinese BiteDance social network. When the new center becomes available, European user data will be stored in Dublin. Clutier, who has invested 420 million euros, explains in a blog post that it will create hundreds of new jobs and play a key role in further strengthening the protection and security of Tik Tok users’ data, thanks to a state-of-the-art physical and network security “.

Discussions are underway for the US and Canada branches of Microsoft Tick Tock. “Today’s announcement is the latest step in a sustained journey to improve our ability to protect our users and the entire Tick Tock community globally,” the IT security official continued. The new data center for Europe will be operational by early 2022.

The platform recognizes TikTok Ireland as the data controller in Europe, partnering with TikTok UK, which is becoming a service provider for all users in the EEA area and Switzerland. “As part of this development, we have hired other specialists with proven experience in data protection and privacy,” says Kltier igs.

Ida Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan (Irish Agency for the Promotion of Domestic Investment) welcomed Tic Tac Toe’s decision to set up the first European data center in Ireland. “In addition to being an important investment in addition to setting up the EMEA Trust & Safety Hub in Dublin earlier this year, it puts the country in a significant position for the company’s global operations,” he concludes.

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