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Europeans are clamoring for a minimum tax

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Ireland, Cyprus, Hungary and Poland oppose the G7-approved global tax plan.

After the contract “Historical” Ahead of the G7, London, June 5, G20 meeting on the global minimum tax, in Venice on July 9, Europeans compare their views on this broader plan for corporate tax reform.

Ironically, while consensus among the 139 countries seems possible under the auspices of the OECD, unity among the twenty-seven countries of the European Union is still a long way off. However, the implementation of the reform requires a European proposal, which requires a unity of twenty-seven.

EU finance ministers, including nineteen members of the eurozone, are meeting in Luxembourg on Thursday and Friday for their first annual summit in a year. The issue of global taxation is not on the official agenda, but plays a positive role in the discussion of margins. To insult the injury, Euro Group President Pascal Donohue, as Ireland’s finance minister, is most upset against these plans, which weaken them.

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