European Union fails to recognize Juan Guide as interim president of Venezuela | The world

European Union fails to recognize Juan Guide as interim president of Venezuela |  The world

The European Union (EU) said in a statement on Monday that it was no longer considering the 27-member bloc Juan Guide Became Acting President Venezuela.

Guide is now a “privileged interlocutor”.

UN accuses Maduro, Venezuelan government of crimes against humanity

On January 6, 27 countries said Guide could not be legally recognized after he lost his position as leader of parliament.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections The last parliamentary election of the National AssemblyIn December 2020.

Although Guide is not considered Venezuela’s interim president, Europeans say the vote is illegal and a missed opportunity for democracy.

Guide, who responds on social networks, drew attention to this fact.

He is still seen by Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

Why consider Guide or the President?

In 2018, President Nicolas Maduro was re-elected. The Venezuelan opposition began to consider, and because that vote was invalid, the presidency would go to successive incumbents – in this case, Guide, who was president of the National Assembly.

The position of interim president gives Guide access to funds confiscated from Maduro by Western governments and top officials, and supports his pro-democracy movement at home and abroad.

The 27 EU members said in a joint statement that Gaida was part of the democratic opposition, despite a resolution passed by the European Parliament last week calling on bloc governments to retain the post of head of state.

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