European Union blockades Minsk and closes its airspace to Belarusian airlines

European Union blockades Minsk and closes its airspace to Belarusian airlines

A plane of the Belarusian company Belavia on May 24, 2021 at Minsk Airport. – Stringer / Tas / Zippa USA / Zippa

Also by announcing swift action Belarus, Wanted to show solidarity and solidarity with the European Union government
Alexander Lukashenko. European leaders on Monday evening decided to close their airspace to Belarusian planes and impose new sanctions on the country. Allegedly diverted a European plane to arrest the rebel Roman Protasevich. The European Union (EU) has demanded his immediate release.

A spokesman for the European Union president said the European Union had recommended that European companies cross the Belarusian airspace. Council of Europe Charles Michael. The pre-arranged agreement was announced two hours after the start of the 27-day face-to-face summit in Brussels.

“State Terrorism”

London and Kiev have already blacklisted the airspace of this former Soviet republic, and Lufthansa, SAS and Air Baltic have announced their decision to avoid overheating. According to Eurocontrol, about 2,000 commercial airlines use Belarusian airspace a week. Belarus, a Belarusian company, operates about 20 flights daily to and from European Union airports.

European leaders have strongly condemned the forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk (), endangering aviation safety. The action in Minsk is considered “state terrorism” by many capitals. German Chancellor launches Belarusian authorities’ explanation “absolutely unreliable” Angela Merkel.

NATO, which wants an “international inquiry” like the European Union, will meet with its ambassadors this Tuesday to discuss the situation. Its secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, described the situation as “serious and dangerous.” The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN-affiliated body, has also called an emergency meeting, but it was not until Thursday morning. Forced landings could be a violation of the Chicago Convention, which protects the sovereignty of countries’ airspace, they said.

Minsk assures that it has acted legally by blocking the commercial aircraft following threats from the Palestinian organization Hamas. The government said it had informed the ICAO that it was ready to co-operate in the impartial investigation.

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