European Space Agency wants to connect the moon to Earth!

European Space Agency wants to connect the moon to Earth!

C ‘The new lunar attack is a grand project driven by a desire to make Europe a major player. The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to launch a cluster of three or five satellites into orbit around the Moon by ESA 2028. It is enough to provide a real telecommunication service for the Earth’s natural satellite and a navigation service inspired by the European GPS Galileo. As more than two dozen lunar missions are being prepared, including the American Artemis program, this satellite system, known as the Moonlight, will help reduce the cost of future European missions. People from other countries can also use it as a fee. They no longer have to carry their own complicated and expensive navigation and communication system.

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In terms of the range of services that Moonlight can provide, it is much wider than one can imagine … First, it will certainly allow astronauts to communicate with each other, in the future lunar orbit and Earth, while connected to the Internet while living. This will then significantly increase the accuracy of landing on the moon and enable pilot machines at its surface far away from the Earth. Many undeniable assets, especially from the perspective of establishing a populated lunar base.

Finally, this sustainable infrastructure also has the advantage of allowing us to communicate with the hidden face of our satellite. It will be the foundation behind space exploration facing the open sea. A backbone that scientists dream of building “terrestrial” telescopes free from the disturbances associated with our planet’s atmosphere.

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Objective Moon

At this point, ESA chose to commission a consortium of two entrepreneurs to study the feasibility of the project for a budget of 500 500 million. The first is led by British SSTL (Surrey Satellite Technology Limited), which specializes in small satellites, including Airbus and the British Space Agency. As for the latter, it is piloted by Telespasio (owned by Leonardo), and especially Thales Alenia Space (owned by Thales with Leonardo), and the Italian space agency.

The European Space Agency, which wants to finance the operation at the member states’ cabinet meeting by the end of 2022, said it would take about eighteen months to return their copy. The agency also plans to submit a project for a “cargo” lunar lander capable of delivering more than one and a half times the cargo of the new U.S. lunar spacecraft at a very busy meeting after European space. HLS (Human Landing System). ESA certainly has eyes on the moon.

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