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European Premier League: We know about FIFA-backed plans for the Cross-Continental Super Tournament | Football news

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The leaked plans for a lucrative European Premier League have revived the football world and left the game at the pace of generational change.

Liverpool and Manchester United are in talks to build a new FIFA-backed tournament, which will be funded by Wall Street Bank JPMorgan for $ 6 billion ($ 4.6 billion).

Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham have reportedly been approached as the revolutionary proposal is being formulated, but what does this mean for the future of the Premier League, Champions League and football? Here is what we know so far


Mark Kleinman of Sky News has revealed that Manchester United and Liverpool are in talks with the European Premier League.

Who is involved?

More than a dozen clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are in talks to become founding members of the competition.

Liverpool and Manchester United, who have recently come under fire for developing controversial ‘Project Big Picture’ proposals – are a group of Premier League clubs approached by Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham. You can sign up for five of them.

Candidates for the new league are expected to include Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid in Spain, Bayern Munich in Germany, Juventus in Italy and Paris Saint-Germain in France.

The sport is reportedly backed by FIFA’s governing body, including Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

Can other clubs join the league?

As part of the initial blueprint, the founding clubs could not be eliminated for 20 years, meaning a maximum of six venues would be available each season.

At the end of each season it is understood that deportation will be part of a new competition with the participation of non-founding member clubs subject to their domestic league position.

    The FIFA flag will be flown at the Racecourse Stadium in Wrexham, Wales on September 10, 2019, ahead of the UEFA U21 Championship qualifier between Wales U21 and Germany U21.


Liverpool and Manchester United discuss proposals to launch a new FIFA-backed European Premier League

What would a European Premier League look like?

At first glance, the European Premier League creates an interesting prospect that the biggest clubs on the continent will compete on a more stable basis.

Preliminary proposals suggest that the European Premier League be divided into two different categories; A league and knockout stage.

The league, which includes 18 clubs, includes a round robin tournament, in which the clubs play home and away midweek matches over 34 match days.

Upon completion, the top teams in the league will compete in the knockout stage, where the winners of the European Premier League will be determined, although no such details have yet been revealed.

Champions League football


Leon Sanderson and Steve McLaren discuss the idea of ​​a European Premier League instead of the Champions League at a football show

What does this mean for the Premier League?

While previous proposals for the European Super League have threatened to back away from existing domestic leagues, European Premier League plans are designed to work with matches such as the Premier League.

Instead of forming a split league, matches will be played in existing midweek slots currently held by the UEFA Champions League. This means that in addition to fulfilling their domestic schedule over the weekend, one Premier League club per week will be able to honor their European Premier League commitments.

However, the creation of the European Premier League will have a profound effect on the value of domestic broadcasting and sponsorship rights across Europe, during which time the financial position of the entire football pyramid was affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Does that mean the end of the Champions League?

UEFA headquarters


Rebecca Williams reports that UEFA is unhappy that FIFA-backed European Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool are in talks.

UEFA strongly opposes the plan, stating that any changes to their open-format competition will be “unaffordable”.

They are in talks about changes to the Champions League format from 2024, with reports that the number of teams could be increased to 36 but nothing has been decided.

However, the creation of a European Premier League is unlikely to continue with UEFA’s major competition introduced in 1992.

Legally, are there any restrictions to prevent this from happening?

If a new Super League starts in 2022, in the already shattered World Cup year, there will be significant hurdles to overcome.

UEFA has a format and lucrative TV deals until 2024, when companies paid huge sums for the right to broadcast games involving the best clubs in Europe.

A ‘European Premier League’ will also significantly affect the value of the Premier League.

What if finishing in the top four is no longer an issue? If the European partnership is guaranteed only to selected clubs, what will happen to the remarkable drama?

Legal challenges will surely follow.

How will the power struggle between FIFA and UEFA play out? Will other governing bodies secede from FIFA as a result of any dispute?

FIFA prides itself on being a “family” of 211 national associations around the world, supporting them financially and logistically through a variety of events.

It is one of FIFA’s six confederations and has 55 national associations in Europe, including UEFA and the Football Association.

The FA is the governing body of football in England, which includes all competitions, such as the Premier League.

Quite simply, the administration of the game is connected, everything is connected.

It is complicated to interrupt and requires recognition at every senior level within the game.

What about FIFA’s own plans for a Club World Cup?

Liverpool have won the FIFA Club World Cup since their victory over Flamengo in Doha last December.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said last month that the corona virus could affect pandemic competition.

Infantino said: “When it comes to the current Club World Cup 2020, it is unlikely that the event will actually take place in December this year, as many confederations or some confederations will not end their Champions League until December. Planned.

“But we are discussing, we are watching, we see if we can host in Qatar. [new] Year.

“We want to see if we can sustain this. We will consider all the federations and all the participating clubs and make the best decision for football.”


European Premier League creation potential ‘FIFA vs UEFA’, Sky Sports News Chief Reporter Brian Swanson

What did you say?

Liverpool have not yet commented, but Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has been asked in a conference call about the European Premier League.

Asked for more details, Woodward said: “I do not know where this story came from. We are in talks with the ECA and UEFA to make changes to the Champions League from 2024, which could include 36 teams.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, FIFA said: “FIFA does not want to be involved in or deal with issues that are always on the agenda, and national, European and institutional frameworks and regulatory frameworks are well established. At the global level. “

UEFA also issued a statement expressing opposition to the plan:

The UEFA President has made it clear on several occasions that UEFA is strongly opposed to a Super League.
“The principles of solidarity, promotion, deportation and open leagues are invaluable, which is what makes European football and the Champions League the best sport in the world.

“UEFA and the clubs are committed to creating such a super league to create a super league consisting of 10, 12, and even 24 clubs that it will inevitably be boring.”

Neville: ‘Another injury to football’ is planned

Gary Neville called for action to address the lack of diversity at the boardroom level


Sky Sports’ Gary Neville says it’s obscene to talk about a European Premier League during an epidemic and that ‘football will eat itself’

Sky Sports According to Pandit Gary Neville, the amount negotiated to fund the new proposed league – at a time when areas of the English game are facing a severe financial crisis – is badly reflected in the Premier League’s support package for EFL teams.

He said Sky Sports News: “My biggest problem, at the moment, is the idea of ​​putting together a $ 6 billion package to set up a new league while lower-level clubs are struggling to pay and survive – in the midst of an epidemic and football kneeling at various levels – the FA and EFL clubs are struggling.

“This is another injury for football. It’s not the right time to talk about it.

“I am committed to the advancement of football with new competitions and new formats, but we also need to focus on the design of the game and what it means for the communities in this country.

“There’s a place for a new European league, a fantastic Premier League, a fantastic competitive EFL, financed bases and non-league football.

“If they can pull together $ 6 billion for a European league, they could pull in $ 150 to $ 200 million to protect the rest of football in this country.”

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