European European Song Contest: Rhea Garvey wins for Ireland

European European Song Contest: Rhea Garvey wins for Ireland

European-born European song contest
Rhea Garvey defeated Ireland

Steven Gutgen and Conchita Worst once again led an interesting musical evening

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The second edition of “Free ESC” may not have surprised the winner, but with the German commentator: Helge Lindenberg!

For the second time, Stefan Rabb, 54, was invited live from Cologne to the “European European Song Contest” on Saturday (May 15) evening, but again shone in absence. Initially, last year’s winner, Nico Santos, 28, was not allowed to sing, but instead Helge Schneider, 65, re-tested his song “Forever at Home” from 2020. One year later, the song is still sadly relevant.

In addition, Hel‌ge last appeared on television, announcing Conchita Worst (32) on behalf of presenter co-star Steven Gutgen (48). The sad start of a happy show with the expected winner and amazing partner in Germany named Rhea Garvey (48).

Strange as the original?

A total of 16 countries have launched the Ana of Official ESC. With the exception of the German contribution, its commentators were again kept secret for a long time, as in issue one, all participants were predetermined. The show was started by Milov (39) for Belgium, Mandy Capristo (31) for Italy and Ben Dolik (24) for Slovenia. The latest will show just how big the musical range of the evening is. Elif (28) was the next fantasy duo for Turkey, followed by Fantasy. Look: With the sudden stylistic changes, something like a classic “ESC” mentality really came up.

Juan Daniel for Spain, Mighty Oaks for England, Jasmine Wagner (41) for Croatia and Danny Vera (43) for the Netherlands. The second is not only the sausage wrapped around his finger but also his sincere anthem. He was already believed to be the winner of hearts at this time on the internet. Sothiria (34) for Greece, Mathia (22) for Austria and Rhea Garvey for Ireland also appeared.

A star for Germany

He became the most internationally acclaimed player after Hughes, 33, from France. Amy McDonald, 33, was honored for her hometown of Scotland and received a ten-day embargo for appearing in Cologne. Gutgen and Worst spent time until the end revealing the German commentator. The exciting unveiling took place only after Seven (42) represented Switzerland.

“TV Total” fans expected Stephen Robb to return to the show until the last minute. The original representative of Germany was an even bigger surprise. No one less than Udo Lindenberg can compete with the song “Supergeiler Helge Schneider”, so Worst and Gutgen. He then returned to the stage, and Mr. Helge Schneider himself – about the final TV appearance … praised himself for his excellent Lindenberg imitation and allowed himself to represent his country for the second time in a row. No one really expected it.

Happiness and sorrow are very close

Even in an interesting event like “Sa ES Janya ESC” there are obvious winners and losers. It was already clear that Jasmine Wagner, Fantasy and Ben Dolik had nothing to do with success. In fact, Wagner was last in line for Croatia. He was finally assured, the best winner of the evening. Rhea Garvey won for Ireland with 116 points, Hartz winner Danny Vera from the Netherlands came in second and Milo won bronze for Belgium.


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