European Cup: “We end up in an empty tank”, describes the fight against racing Rochellez Gregory Aldrit

European Cup: "We end up in an empty tank", describes the fight against racing Rochellez Gregory Aldrit

Although he was tired after the match, he happily came in front of the press. After another high performance under the lens solace in this Sunday’s European Cup semi – final, Gregory Aldrit, the third tier of La Rochelle and the Blues, was selected Man of the Match (20-13) in this Sunday’s European Cup semi – final. The captain of the Maritimes now dreams of winning the title in the final against the Irish of Leinster on May 28 in Marseille.

How do you feel after this success?

Gregory never. Lots of fun, joy. We should not underestimate a qualification in the final, it is too big. The team crossed a milestone. We have already found the final (Two defeats to Toulouse in the top 14 last year European Cup)Now we want to stop celebrating only half the victories, we need something bigger.

You were chosen Man of the Match, is this a source of pride?

Performing well on the field is always a pleasure, but above all, success is important. I try to finish everything I have, in each match, without regret and with an empty tank. There it is empty, it often happens now … We all opened the hood and finished the game. We will try to recover. We’m going to have a few beers tonight, but in a reasonable way. That’s the beauty of the Top 14 and the European Cup, we never stopped, we have a very important reception next week (against the Stade Frances on May 21).

Success was not easy, there were many mistakes on both sides …

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We complicated the match by not always winning our outings. In some personal decisions, we often wanted to leave the ball too much, I was the first. It is best to keep balloons when you are at the edge of the razor. But in the end we were strong in shocks and we were in good dynamics.

What did you think of the atmosphere in this half-empty stadium with lenses?

The number of La Rochelle supporters surprised me. We think we’ve seen it all with them, but they surprise us from game to game. I have no doubt there will be more of them in Marseille.

To be precise about this final, how do you beat an undefeated Leinster after a performance against Toulouse?

It will take hard work. The final will be very tense. We know where we are going to put our feet, we have already played them (Last year’s semi-final win, Editor’s note). Leinster is an Irish team, everything is framed, millimeters, it’s a steam roller. Most people do not see us succeeding, but I like this kind of challenge. We will have to attack them, have a much better defense, and do more than we do today. We have no right to quarrel with them. You have to be very practical.

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