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European Cup: Everything you need to know before the 16th round this weekend

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With 16 first-round rounds taking place this weekend, there are five French clubs at the top of the list and three Irish provinces at the bottom. If English clubs do not play spoilsport, we can play the Franco-Irish or Franco-French final.

Like the atmosphere of the tournament. After two lads of the Top 14, the International Calendar invites us to return to the pot of European clashes. Or almost on the eve of this 16th round, we will find two Franco-French posters – paradoxically – that were posters of our domestic championship this weekend. That is, racing – Stade Franസois, Bordeaux-Beggles – La Rochelle, they were, already, basil and derby.

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Since the 16th round is a round trip this year, it will be a trilogy for all four teams. Last Saturday Bordeaux-Begles – When thinking about the electricity around La Rochelle …

After the first round of the cut – some teams like Stade Toulouse have only played two games – that is, the European Cup actually starts with eight players eliminated at the end of the first round. Of locusts.

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For the first time in the competition, eight round trips are organized, which will spice up the event in the event of any possible good turns. Especially since no round of 16s looks unbalanced.

The classification of the first stage is taken into account in the final grid. For Stade Toulouse, this adventure is similar to last season’s, because it’s out there and you have to snatch a ticket to the next round. Then in Ulster, and then the Munster winner – Exeter. Memories, memories in both cases.

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Round of 16

Stade Francis – Racing, Toulouse – Ulster, Bordeaux – Begles – La Rochelle, Conach – Leinster, Sail – Bristol, Exeter – Munster, Montpellier – Harlequins, Clermont – Leicester
The return matches will take place next weekend at the second club mentioned.
With five French clubs in first place, we can expect one French club in the final. At the bottom of the list, it is Ireland in effect; Leinster County is the favorite.

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Quarterfinals (May 8, 9)

Quarterfinal 1: Winner of Racing – Stade Franchise vs Bristol – Sail
Quarterfinal 2: Harlequins Winner – Montpellier, La Rochelle Winner – Bordeaux Begles
Quarterfinal 3: Ulster winner – Munster vs Stade Toulouse – Exeter winner
Quarterfinal 4: Leicester-Clermont, Leinster-Conach winner
> Semi-final (May 14, 15)
Semi Final 1: Quarter Final 2 winner against Quarter Final 1 winner
Semi Final 2: Winner of Quarterfinal 4 against the winner of Quarter Final 3.

The final is on Saturday, May 28 in Marseille.

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