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One month after the Olympic Games in Tokyo, another important event for international coaches will be held in The Hague, Germany from September 7 to 12, this year’s 2021: the European Championship. France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands have also revealed their names.

After winning two gold and two silver medals at the Olympics in Tokyo, Germany wants to add two new trophies to its list: for that matter, what could be more logical than calling all the winners a few weeks ago? In Hogan, there will be a German team Jessica von Bredo-Wendell And TSF Daler BB, Dorothy Schneider And show time FRH as well as’Isabel Worth This time with Weihegold Older (Bella Rose II is now retired). Helen Langenenberg And Annabelle, Reserveists in Tokyo, complete the quartet. On the reserve side, these are the other two horses of Dorothy Schneider and Isabel Worth, Fostus 94 And DSP Quantity, As well as couples Frederick Wandress / Duke of the British FRH And a few days ago the winners of the Grand Prix Special du CDI 4 * D Crochet, Carina Scholes / Tarantino. One thing is for sure: Germany can not be more prepared, and Hogan has a good chance of winning more medals.

Britain intends to retaliate

The British also relied on their Olympic team again. After winning two bronze medals, they aim to win European gold this time around. So I re-selected the following: Charlotte Dujardin And Geo, Charlotte Fry And Everdale as well as Carl Hester And Fashionable. Specially called for these championships, Gareth Hughes And Cintano Van Hoff Olympia Will be part of the team. In unforeseen circumstances, the British could be relied upon Laura Tomlinson And DSP Rose of Bavaria as well as Email Fair And Dun de Magio OLD, Both appointed reserveists. The couple are all very fit and inspired by the medals they received in Tokyo. […] Everyone is ready to face the best in Europe. “ Caroline Griffith, manager of the British team, was reassured.

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The Swiss and Irish can test their luck as a team

In Tokyo, Switzerland unfortunately did not have a team. Single Estelle Wetstein He personally represented his country. But the good news is: Hagen will be with herElena Fernandez And Suvano II, Antonella Joanou And Dandy de la Roche CMF CH as well as Birgit Vientsek Plague And The hot secret. Estelle will be associated with Wetstein West Side Story OLD Or Quarterboy. The goal is to get a place in the top ten countries , Announced by the Swiss Federation.

They also did not have the opportunity to take a team to Tokyo. In Switzerland, like in Switzerland, the Irish can hold many positions. For this, the Irish Equestrian Federation requested Alex Baker And Dutch, Caroline Mellor And Governor M as well as Anna Mervelt And Sporim. “I am very happy to have sent a team of three athletes to the European Dressage Championship. This is a great opportunity for Carolyn Mallor and Alex Baker to be the future of the Irish team. I hope we get a good result from the experience of Anna Mervelt. ”, Believed Johann Hinnemann, Director of High Performance for Dressing.

Sweden, again without its pillars

Patrick Kittel, who has been ruled out of the Olympic Games due to an injury to Weldon from Roche CMF, will also miss the European Championships. Sweden is thus based on all expectations Therese Nilshagan And Dante Veltino OLD, Juliet Ramel And Buriel KH, Gene Hugberg And Lorenzo as well as Jacob Norby Sorensen And Mogelbjergs Romeo.

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Catherine Dufour and Bohemian will lead the Danish team

For these European Championships, the Danes will have the opportunity to rely on their top pair: Catherine Dufour And Bohemian. Will support them Charlotte Hearing And Buffranco, Daniel Bachman Anderson And Marshall-Bell as well as Well done Skdborg Merald And Aterupguards Orthilia. If one of these couples loses before the match starts, the Danish team may request Anna Kaspersack And Fuhur or rock star, Or, as a second choice, to Lone Bang Larsen And Buckley’s Onant.

Adelinde Cornelisen returns to Dutch squad

The Netherlands can count on some of their iconic riders, including two who were in Tokyo: Hans Peter Minderhood Very beautiful Glock’s Dream Boy NOP, as well as Marlis van Balan And Go legend. Beside them, we can find great ones Adelinde Cornelissen, Related Governor STR, And Dinja van Lear, Saddle Hermes. Some thought he would see sixth-placed Edward Gall in Tokyo again at the European Championships, but, as the Dutch Federation made clear, his timeline was not ready for such a deadline. “Glock’s Total US is enjoying its vacation, and Glock’s Toto Junior is not in the shape you expected for a championship. The institution was informed.

In all, twenty-three countries will compete in The Hague for the European Dressing Championships. To find a complete list of countries and couples involved, Click here.

Emily DuPont (with press releases)

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