European 2020: Italy-England and the joy of splitting London, Rome and Brussels

European 2020: Italy-England and the joy of splitting London, Rome and Brussels

Little United Kingdom

On the island, however, the front of the joy of supporting whites is nothing but compact. According to an online poll conducted by Good Morning Britain, 63% of fans from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will support Italy. The reasons for this animosity are similar from one country to another. “Wales has been subjected to centuries of oppression from England, and Boris Johnson’s government will only think of us when it’s time,” journalist Laura Kemp told the Wales Online, a local newspaper. Not to mention the “Neanderthals” who destroy bars, squares and gardens wherever they go, ”he said of the English fans and their“ arrogance ”and“ conjecture ”.

Representing the hearts of critics is the “upcoming home of football”, the Euro 1996 national anthem, often sung by English fans. As critics have pointed out, this is an arrogant sentence given England’s defeats since winning the 1966 World Cup (again at Wembley). ‘Is football coming home? So will England own this sport? I don’t think so, ”Graeme Sense, a former Scottish international and Liverpool legend, wrote in the Times.

Political merriment

In short, it does not exclude that some Italian tricolor will appear on Sunday evening from some windows in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast or Dublin. Not forgetting the real political approvals. Republican and socialist inspiration, as Ogra Sinfain, the youth wing of the Irish political party Sinn Fin, did on Twitter. In the movement’s official profile, a photo of eleven men from Italy appeared shortly after the Lions’ victory over Denmark, which witnessed the presence of the Southgate national team in the final of the Continental competition, matching a photo of a pre – European championship in midfield.

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Along with the photo, the popular song of resistance, which is part of the phrase “Bella Xiao”, was sung by Italian fans again in the days leading up to the European Championship’s ‘Ana’s official anthem for Assyrians’ fans.

“I woke up one morning, oh beautiful bye, beautiful bye, beautiful bye, bye, bye!” It was read in recent days, with a number of tricolor flags on the official account of Agra Sinn Fin and the Twitter profile of the “dual” organization of young Italian communists. Welcoming support from a football perspective, considering the movement’s motto: “Toykofed ár lá”, a Gaelic phrase that can be translated as “our day is coming”, has always been the motto of the Irish Freedom Group. The creation of a nation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The verse that can really be an omen for the demon in the Lions Cave.

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