Europe should be prepared for temperatures of 50 C or higher

Europe should be prepared for temperatures of 50 C or higher

With record-breaking heat and fire affecting many countries along the Mediterranean border, there are growing concerns that mercury could rise above 50 degrees Celsius in Europe before the middle of the century. This view requires strong, clearly defined adaptation and crisis management measures.

Since the beginning of the month, extreme heat has hit northern Africa and spread across the Mediterranean to southern Europe. Many heat records have been broken, in particular 48.8 C was recorded in Syracuse, southeastern Sicily Aug. 11. If this quantity is required ma formalized According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), this is the highest temperature ever recorded on the European continent. The previous record was set at 10 C in Athens (Greece) on July 10, 1977.

Further south, the 50 C bar passes locally, e.g. 50.3 ° C was reported in Cairo (Tunisia) on Wednesday. Such a high value has never been measured in the country. In addition to temperature, sometimes deadly fires affect many states along the Mediterranean border. Over the next few hours, the hottest heat will move to the western part of the continent. In addition, new temperatures are expected to rise, especially between the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.

Air mass temperature variation is expected for Saturday, August 14, based on the American model GFS. Note the density of the hot flashes between Morocco and the Iberian Peninsula. Attribution: WXCHARTS

Will the 50 C limit be crossed in Europe soon?

In a situation where record heat events are on the rise and intensity is rising, Peter A., ​​an expert on the phenomenon at the Met Office, said: Indicated Europe must be prepared for temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. ” We can not say exactly when this will happen, but Europe needs to be prepared to break new records for temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius in the future, most likely due to the influence of hot air from North Africa near the Mediterranean. The strongest , He clarifies.

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Yes global warming Increases the likelihood of such episodes occurring, which is necessary Favorable weather background. Of course, the presence of a high pressure zone is required. The downward movement of the anticyclone heats the air not only by compression, but also by strong sunlight and gentle winds on the surface. Over time, the air mass collects heat, which strengthens the circulatory system at high pressure. If the condition persists over time, A real dome of burning air may form.

It can have adverse effects on human health, especially in people who have been exposed to extreme heat for a long time or are from a weaker population. Chris Almond, a meteorologist at the Met Office, adds. ” This is combined with poor air quality in some places due to wildfires and smoke. .

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