Europe Ladies: Direction Northern Ireland

Europe Ladies: Direction Northern Ireland


In the eyes of Justin Fernand Pauline Rusin-Bachard. Alexis Orloff / ffgolf

Experience, innovation, quality. Here is a summary of the features of this French women’s team in three words. Led by Patricia Munier-LeBook (Coach) andAmandin Vincent (Captain), the six hubs selected are a great complementary group that intends to perform better than last year’s sixth-place final.

We find out first within this squad Pauline Rusin-Bachachard (Montpellier Masjid). The indispensable South Carolina player will be one of the pillars of this adventure and experience. Agathe Laysne (RCF La Bouli). For these two girls, it is quite possible that this selection for the French team will be final. By the end of this year, Paul and Agatha are moving on to a professional life and a path in the world.

There will be by their side Chloe Salot. The bowler is an important asset to this team because of her good humor and her niche. The group will complete Lois Law (Fontaine Blow) will honor the first choice of the French women’s team after years with the girls. Charlotte Leatier (Saint-Nom-la-Breteche) France are back in the group, thanks to great achievements such as winning the Italian Open for example. Finally, the small news within the team, Justin Fernand (Kemferhoff) Celebrates His First Election For Les Blues: “ I am very honored to have been able to preserve the colors of France. I always wanted to do this, and I was very moved when the endowments were handed out a few days ago. The combination went so well, I’m ready, I can not wait to go to Ireland and play. This is a great reward for my work. »

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Irish bubble

While other teams like the Girls and Boys go to the Iberian Peninsula, it’s in the direction of Northern Ireland for the ladies. If so, this may seem a bit welcome, but the best European countries face each other in the grand manner of the Royal County Dominion.

A health crisis is needed, and the procedures are a little tougher than the other side of the channel. So it is important to respect the sanitary bubble throughout the week. The French team also had to satisfy a lot of people for the trip. There is no physical coach or physiotherapist, only players, captain and coach.

A parameter to consider, but it is not intimidating in any way Patricia Munier-LeBook. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to live together and focus 200%: ” Finally, this story of bubble and sanitary compartmentalization almost falls into place. You should see things on the bright side. There will be among us, I do not worry because the girls get along well. This isolation will turn into our achievement. »

The final arrangement at Golf National

The girls took advantage of the facilities of Golf National for two days after being gifted to the Federation. A turn in the stadium to play a little game, and then of course with the course strategies and ways of working in mind: ” We had a double duty to fix things, even if we already had an idea of ​​what we wanted to place there., Explains Patricia Munier-LeBook. We’ve also worked on low balls and rolling approaches because we can make a difference with these types of shots if there is wind and rain in Ireland. », Justin Fernand added.

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The tournament kicks off on Saturday, July 3 at 6 p.m. In the tournament program, as always, there is a chance of winning medals in the top 8 matches in two two-stroke plays and then match play. Qualifications.

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