“Europe has made significant progress since leaving the United Kingdom”

"Europe has made significant progress since leaving the United Kingdom"

Jean-Pierre Jouet was one of the best experts on the European question, published by L’Onlinees du Decor (Albin Michel) on his life from Lionel Jospin to the French government: he was the director of the ministry of Jacques Dolors in Brussels, and Nicolas, Secretary of State for European Affairs under Nicolas When Brexit was voted on, Emmanuel Macron was the ambassador to London.

Here he analyzes the problems caused by the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union and the benefits of this exit as EU leaders now sign the Exit Agreement.

Europe seems to be well on its way to defending Brexit. Is it the main event we ultimately fear?

Public opinion is not passionate about the question; Our great politicians, with the exception of Nicolas Sarkozy, do not seem to be affected by this, but this is the issue that has mobilized all the forces in Brussels for four years! Because of this Brexit, Europe did nothing but focus on this issue until the outbreak of the epidemic crisis. The positive point that attracted me the most was that Europe at 27 was able to maintain its unity, including the countries of Central Europe, including Hungary and Poland. A line similar to ours on essential issues like human rights. But there they played the game.

Did everyone really agree? Yet it was said to be France

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