Europe celebrates Renee from May 9th to June 25th

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Like every year, Rennes Europe celebrates. On Europe Day, celebrated on May 9, the city of Rennes and its partners offer a diverse and well-programmed program that lasts more than a month and highlights the richness of European citizenship through a number of events. You are.

One of the symbols of the European Union is the European Day, the European flag, currency, slogan and national anthem. Activities and festivals are organized to mark the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which is considered the “birth certificate” of the European Union.

A flag not created for the European Union

Unlike the United States flag, the 50 stars represent 50 federated states, and the gold stars on the European flag have nothing to do with the number of member states, currently 27. Even with the number of founding states, it was 6.

The blue and gold flag was created by another company before the start of European construction Council of Europe. While it was a humble body responsible for dealing with culture and human rights in Europe, the institution was looking for a symbol to represent it. A commission is responsible for selecting this symbol. Many suggestions will be presented and later rejected.

In April 1955, European ministers selected two projects, including Arson Heights, an official of the Council of Europe: 12 gold stars on a blue background. This flag will be selected. The circular arrangement of the stars is the lucky medal for sale at the Little Sisters of St. Vincent-de-Paul, a Catholic institution.
The proposed projects include the federalist flag, a former symbol of the European movement.

Paul Reynolds, former president of the council, will comment on the proposal.Underwear dries on a lawn”.

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This proposal has succeeded in achieving unity because of the message it gives. Circle, like the Union of Peoples of Europe, as well as the Twelve Stars. Unchangeable, this number symbolizes perfection and completeness.

In 1983, the European Parliament adopted the flag as a symbol of European communities. In 1986, European communities are growing Reach the number of twelve member states. At the same time, they accept the flag as their symbol, followed by “12 Europe.

The flag was retained when European communities became the European Union. It is now hoisted along with national flags at the headquarters of European institutions and in the official buildings of 27 member states.

European flag

-> Find Europe’s Festival in Rennes Program

Due to health limitations, the city of Rennes and the actors leading the conversation in Europe this year offer an event that is primarily accessible online with conferences, as well as concerts and exhibitions to visit online or find in the city. With these events and time for reflection, RennesFet Europe allows all Rennes to take ownership of the major challenges facing Europe and emphasize the European character of the city. The year 2021 will be rich in citizen meetings, especially within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Participants suggest more than twenty events.

Highlights of the event
Participants offer more than twenty events.

Conference: The initiative of European citizens, a real opportunity to move forward for some reason?

It is now ten years since the initiative of the European citizens who created the Lisbon Treaty. Different promoters of European citizen initiatives will share their experience and compare their perspectives, making it possible to find the best way to determine if this is a real opportunity to move forward for some reason.

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On Monday, May 10, 2021, at 6 pm, teams will be moderated by an online roundtable, hosted by Louis-Marie Chouvel, President of Europe-Renault 35, who is hosting the event.

European route to the city *

Europe Rennes 35 and Destination Rennes Association finds the European identity of Rennes. By walking and boating in the city, participants are invited to explore other places in Europe and find places in Rennes to inspire some of the best European personalities. The visit is led by the Heritage Organizer of Destination Rennes and members of the Europe Rennes 35 Association.

After registration on Saturday 22nd May 2021 from 2pm to 5pm. Event organized by Destination Rennes and Europe Rennes 35.

* Animation subject to public reception conditions as defined by government directives.

Conference: Linguistic Rights in Europe and the Question of the Sovereign Languages ​​of Britain

Philip Blanchett, a professor of sociolinguistics at Rennes 2 University, answers the following questions at a conference: What are linguistic rights? How are they defined and guaranteed? How is respect for these rights manifested, and how can we describe them? What about France and Brittany?

Online conference on Zoom, live on the Circle Celtic de Rennes Facebook page.

Event organized by Circle Celtic de Rennes on Wednesday 26th May 2021 at 7:30 pm

Harp Recital – A Journey Through Time and Europe

The concert, which was recorded in the auditorium of Maison International de Rennes, will be broadcast on the MIR YouTube channel and on Radio Rennes 100.8.

Dutch artist Dimitri Bockhorn, who arrived in France to thank Erasmus, invites listeners on a musical journey through Europe. He will perform 14 harps from different parts of the European continent.

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2021 May 2821 from 7:30 pm to 9 pm Reserve for the MIR Auditorium 02 99 78 22 66. The event was organized by Circle Celtic de Rennes and Maison International de Rennes with the support of Radio Rennes.

Irish Musical Film Screening, Ones, and then the duo’s presentation with City of Cork. *

On the streets of Dublin, two lonely souls meet music around their passion. He comes out of a painful separation and is married to a man she no longer loves. In an ideal world, they would be created for each other. Together, they will fulfill their dream of music.

Admission by reservation on 02 99 78 22 66.

2021 June 25 from 7pm to 9:30 pm. The event was organized by the Rennes-Cork Dual Committee in collaboration with Maison International de Rennes.

* Animation subject to public reception conditions as defined by government directives.

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-> Find Europe’s Festival in Rennes Program

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