Euro Hockey Club Challenge, Polysportiva Valverde Equivalent to Irish of Loreto ⋆ Sport Web Cecilia

Euro Hockey Club Challenge, Polysportiva Valverde Equivalent to Irish of Loreto ⋆ Sport Web Cecilia

European Adventure Polisportiva Valverde FemininityEuro Hockey Club Challenge I am in progress at Rakovnik (CZE). In the first round of Pool A yesterday, the Etna team forced Irish powerhouse HC Loreto to draw. The best performance of the Valvardeshi who leads with Justina Pass on the 17th. After the break the Irish accelerated, equalized and overcame, in short, Kate Crotty, 41’s and Sarah Clark 54’s. However, Etienne was brilliant at responding, with Trinidad finding the back of the net 2-2 with Conalbi two minutes later.

Satisfied with his Trinidad Canon girls performance: “We played against a strong and strong team. The girls put on a stellar performance. I think this shows the steady growth of the group, confirming that the A1 tournament did not have enough time to function well. Today was a different tournament. The team showed up, and they played well. We dominated the first half of the match and in the second half they grew and brought us back with two shorts. I am very satisfied with the level expressed. The only drawback is that we have a small roster that does not allow us to change. They replaced three players at the same time and we think we will experience this as we get tired of the final commitments. With tomorrow’s race? This will be crucial, so we will make sure we get to the final stage, which was our goal.

Wolverhampton Wanderers will return to action tomorrow at 4.45pm for the second match against the hosts Rakovnik, who will be crucial to advance to the round.

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Polysportiva Valverde – HC Loreto 2-2

Polysportiva Valverde: Marletta, Butti, Varela, r. Mirabella, Russo Andini, t. Conalby, b. Conalby, Pass, Cervadio, Cucurlo, Landro, Pistorio, Fresta. Coach: Trinidad Canon.

HC Loreto: Murphy, Byrne, Crotti, Mulcahy, Jennings, McLaughlin, Sherin, Pratt, Hanan, Torrance, Donald, Mathews, Clark, Taffe, Kinsalla, Carragher. Alejandro: Paul Fitzpatrick.

Markers: Pass (v) 17 ‘, Crotty (L) 41’, Clark (L) 54 ‘, t. Conalby (v) 56 ‘.

Moderators: Ana Ortega, Talia Bellemans

DTC: Georgina Hennell

Chrono: Marina Shariva


Euro Hockey Club Challenge / Giron I.

Friday, June 3rd

POOL A: Polisportiva Valverde – Loreto HC 2-2

Pool B: Siouli Gins Structure – SK Slavia Prague 0-6

Saturday, June 4th

POOL A: HC 1972 Rakovnik – Polisportiva Valverde (Ore 16:45)

Sunday, June 5th

POOL A: Loreto HC – HC 1972 Rakovnik

Pool B: SK. Slavia Prague – Sioulia Ginstruct

Monday, June 6

1A Pool A – 2A Pool B (Ore 10:00)

1A Pool B – 2A Pool A (Ore 12:15)

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