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EU threatens legal action if breach of agreement not withdrawn by end of this month

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The European Union (EU) has threatened to take legal action against Britain if it does not withdraw its controversial Brexit plan, which aims to bypass Ireland’s tough border.

All 27 EU members observed urgent talks in London after the British government agreed to violate international law and change the sides of the withdrawal agreement.

The European Union (EU) has said in a statement that the new domestic market bill “has seriously damaged trust” and that Westminster should remove parts of the agreement by the end of the month.

The European Union (EU) has warned that the bill’s progress in its current form is a “serious violation” of the treaty and that the EU will not be ashamed of taking legal action if Britain does not back down.

London explained that the bill would be a failure if it could not find a satisfactory arrangement on how to implement the agreement, which it ratified last year and guarantees that Northern Ireland will remain widely in line with EU standards and enforce the customs code. To avoid the need for checks at the border with the state.

“Vice President Sefkovich has called for the withdrawal of UK domestic market legislation. I explained [him] We can’t, we can’t do that, “said Michael Gove, British cabinet minister.

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