EU rescinds agreement on tax on multinational corporations: One vote against 26, Poland’s veto prevents minimum tax

EU rescinds agreement on tax on multinational corporations: One vote against 26, Poland's veto prevents minimum tax

Today, Tuesday, April 5, Poland blocked the ratification of the European Union agreement Low tax For multinational companies. It is one of 27 countries vetoedMinimum tax 15%, A compromise proposed by France. Warsaw said he was concerned that the tax would come into effect without restrictions preventing multinational corporations from making a profit in countries where more favorable conditions apply. Minister of Finance of France, Bruno MeyerHe assured, however, that “Warsaw’s concerns have been taken into account and will be put on the agenda of the next monthly meeting with the Union Finance Ministers.” Le Meyer said he was not convinced Poland’s position was “resolved by all technical difficulties”. Poland had already tried to block the settlement with Sweden, Estonia and Ireland, but these countries withdrew their objections. Minister Le Meyer said: “I hope the Irish spirit is inspiring.” Italian Finance Minister Daniel Franco also expressed support for the agreement Low tax The event at Ecofin underscores that “this is a significant achievement globally, that it was practically unthinkable a few years ago, and that considering the actions taken at the G20 and OECD levels, some countries have agreed that some sides really do not like it. This is the only way to move forward together.

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