EU milk production down – Swiss farmer

EU milk production down - Swiss farmer

Milk production in the European Union is falling on delivery results for European milk producers.

With 13.17 billion kg of milk, milk supply in May 2022 was down 1.9% compared to the same month last year, reports Dow Jones News, citing data from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). Stocks in May were therefore more than 250 million kg lower than a year ago.

All EU member states followed the negative overall trend as far as possible. Even in Ireland, 2.4% less milk was produced in May 2022 than in the same month last year. In Poland, no deviation from the previous year was calculated.

Cumulative milk supply in the EU is slightly different in percentages: the total volume of milk in the EU-27 is 61.41 billion kg of milk, which is only minus 0.6%. Germany, France and the Netherlands are still leading the way in narrowing the gap.

From this year, Ireland joined these major milk production changes in the EU. According to the current survey, milk production in the last three months was lower than the previous year’s result, so after five months of production in Ireland milk supply was 1.1% behind at 40 million kg of milk.

In Poland and Italy the overall result is still higher than the previous year. It is questionable whether this trend will continue as Europe will experience a prolonged drought and heat wave from June 2022, significantly limiting milk production for cows.

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