EU Commission recommendation for fishermen to catch certain species as much as possible

EU Commission recommendation for fishermen to catch certain species as much as possible

The EU Commission has released a proposal on how many tonnes of EU fishermen will be allowed to be caught from various stocks next year.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Only EU stocks in EU waters off the Atlantic Ocean and in the Catagat and Sk‌gറാrac‌s waters between Denmark, Norway and Sweden were particularly affected, the EU commission said on Wednesday. Accordingly, less than 20 per cent of the Bay of Biscay should be allowed to capture sol, the west of Seoul in Ireland, the Norwegian lobster in Skogorak, Cuttack and the code in Cuttack. On the other hand, more plains should be brought ashore in Cuttack, Cuttack, Skagrek and Seoul, Bute in the Iberian waters, and Anglerfish in the Cantabrian Sea.

The requirements are intended to ensure that the stocks do not overfill and that the marine habitat is not severely damaged. Environmental groups have long complained that fishing is too intense. As for the Baltic Sea, fishing opportunities are strictly restricted in October due to insufficient stock. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the proposal does not yet include figures on stocks important to German fishermen. “Total fisheries for the coming year, which are important for German fishing, are currently in tripartite talks with the United Kingdom and Norway,” it said.

The decision will be taken by the Fisheries Ministers of the European Union on December 13 and 14. EU countries determine the total number of catches allowed in certain waters each year. The discussions are based on a recently published draft by the European Commission, primarily based on the recommendations of the International Council for Marine Research. (DPA)

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