EU, Apple and Ireland: Commission comments on repeal of fines

EU, Apple and Ireland: Commission comments on repeal of fines

Pharaonic fine established by the European Commission for Apple Returns to the center of media attention; The European Union was convinced of that Decision to cancel the fineAn appeal was lodged against this – Based on Contradictory reasoning Judges of the European Court of Justice applied.

For those who have missed the details of this important story, remember it In 2016, Apple was ordered to pay a fine of 13 billion euros Allegedly benefited from a tax system that was contrary to European law. The collection of fines (plus interest of more than 2 1.2 billion) could reach Ireland, which plays a particularly uncomfortable and unusual role. In the Commission’s judgment, in fact, the country was particularly favorable to the taxation of the Cupertino giant (with the aim of encouraging investment), which is why it was appointed. No tax recovery was received.

Apple and Ireland have consistently denied the allegations; The first states that it always complies with local tax regulation, and the second strongly opposes and routinely defines those that apply to Apple. The full amount and interest were collected and frozen on a fund that has not been finalized, for which we will still have to wait.

As already mentioned, in fact, the Commission has appealed against the decision to cancel the fine Today he published a document in which he clarified more about the reasons for the appeal. As it turns out from the text, the Commission disputes a number of errors in the judgment of the General Court, in particular Failed to link the intellectual property rights of the lower employees in Apple’s Irish division (Including iPhone and iPad) It controls Because the commission did not give an accurate weight to the company’s analysis and provided evidence that the above was applied. Contradictory reasoning.

So the center of the story revolves around very specific points: where is the value of the company created? Where should the tax be levied? In Apple’s opinion, all of this is happening in Cupertino, so it’s subject to U.S. tax, leaving very few jobs for international divisions – in fact – making less value. Apple has not yet officially commented on the story.

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