ESC “Countdown to Turin”: Barbara Schoenberger welcomes these players

ESC "Countdown to Turin": Barbara Schoenberger welcomes these players

ESC “Countdown to Turin”
Barbara Schonberger welcomes these stars

“Countdown to Turin” will be moderated by Barbara Schoenberger. The show airs Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 8:15 pm on the first channel.

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As always, the ESC Final will be celebrated on TV. “Countdown to Turin” Barbara Schneiberger is waiting for players like Thomas Hermans.

Music fans are waiting for the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held on May 14th. There will be a big celebration on TV as usual. “Countdown to Turin” features Thomas Hermans (59), Max Geisinger (33) and Johnny Logan (67) with moderator Barbara Schonberger (48). The NDR announced on Tuesday.

ESC experts

Comedian and moderator Thomas Hermans has moderated the German ESC preliminary round for years. With him, “Schബnberger will be reminded of the great songs of the Eurovision Song Contest, the unusual costumes, and the most touching and surprising moments,” the show predicts.

Singer-songwriter Max Geisinger will remember some of the best German ESC songs that he would like to comment on specifically. He’s performing the song “Taxi” on his new album as a TV premiere.

Irish singer Johnny Logan first won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 with his song “Watts Another Year”. In 1987, he competed again in Brussels under the title “Hold Me Now” and won. Five years later, Linda Martin sang “Why Me?” For Ireland. He won the ESC for composing and composing the song. In “ESC – Countdown für Turin” Johnny Logan performs three legendary hit songs in one medley.

Malik Harris is also there

Another star guest for “Countdown to Turin” will be announced later. According to the broadcaster, ESC experts want to take viewers to the finals of the competition from Turin on the live show. Malik Harris (24) will also be present: This year’s German representative from ESC will connect live from Turin and report on how he did before the music competition and what his performance with the song “Rockstars” meant.

“ESC – Countdown for Turin” begins Saturday, May 14 at 8:15 pm. The final from Italy will follow live from 9:00 pm. At 12:50 am, Barbara Schoenberger re-launched with “ESC – Aftershow”.


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