ESC 2022: Finalists determined

ESC 2022: Finalists determined

In the second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (May 12), ten other participants qualified for the grand final on May 14. Eight artists were eliminated in this round. All 25 rules that fight for first place on Saturday evening in Turin have now been set.

Young singers take part in the competition

21-year-old Jeremy McKeez represented Belgium with the Gospel / R’n’B number “Miss You”, as well as a street dance performance. With this he entered the final. Australia, which is not part of Europe but is allowed to participate in the ESC, has qualified with a young singer: 23-year-old Sheldon Riley, who performed “Not the Same” on exclusion and autism.

Criticism of the health system can also be seen in the final

The Finnish band The Rasmus (“In the Shadows”) contributed a rocking track. “Jezebel” is the title of the song that made it to the Finns Finals. “There’s a rock band in the final, thank God,” friend Lori Yelonen is said to have commented on the victory. Serbia also brought a political element to the competition with the song “In Corpor Sano”. According to the Eurovision website, the headline is a critique of the healthcare system. Appropriately, the singer washed her hands on the concert stage.

Sweden amazes the world with its “Hold me close”

The world-famous Cornelia Jacobs’ “Hold Me Closer” advanced to the Swedish final. Like VR Domi’s Electro House track “Lights Off” from the Czech Republic. In Saturday’s final, Poland and Azerbaijan will be able to comfort their candidates Ochmann (“River”) and Nadir Rustamli (“Fade to Black”). Singers Stefan “Hope” from Estonia, WRS and “Lamem” from Romania will also perform at the final show.

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Israel, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Cyprus, Ireland, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro were eliminated in the semi – finals. Russia has already been excluded from the competition.

Spotify predicts that hosts Italy will win the tournament again this year. Others put Ukraine in first place. A comforting prediction for Malik Harris, who represents Germany. He will perform the song “Rockstars”.

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