Enough geraniums and orchids on the balcony to reach the attractive summer plant

Enough geraniums and orchids on the balcony to reach the attractive summer plant

For a beautiful and fragrant home, you can not ignore the display of beautiful vases of colorful flowers. That’s why we often see complete balconies and terraces. By their subtleties they know how to make a difference and regain the mood we lost. Some flowers are often repetitive, due to their beauty and ease of care. However, in the long run, it can be boring to see the same seedlings all the time.

For those who are looking for an atmosphere of innovation and want to distinguish themselves from the crowd, at ProiezionidiBorsa we found the perfect plant for them. This is a flower that has nothing to envy the most famous tenants in our windows. Moreover, it knows how to attract its attractive inflorescences and the little attention it needs. Therefore, only geraniums and orchids on the balcony to come attractive summer plant. Let’s see what it is.

Enough geraniums and orchids on the balcony to reach the attractive summer plant

This year may be Cleom’s time. It is a wonderful flower that will brighten our day with bright and vibrant colors. There are many varieties, but the most widespread in our area is Cleom Hazleriana, or Tarenia Hazleriana. The dark green stems and leaves give off a pleasant aroma. The Petals They are light or bright pink in color and give generous flowers from summer to autumn.

There are not many treatments because Cleom is a plant that adapts very easily. For maximum flowering, it is advisable to expose it to a sunny area even for hours a day. Anyway, he appreciates the partial shade. It tolerates heat well, but cold and wind will kill it.

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When walking in pots or on the ground, we recommend a well-drained soil with sand and peat. Cleome does not need much water, but it is better to increase watering during vegetation. As always, notice that the roots are stagnant water that rots. As well as FertilizerIt should be diluted with water and used every two weeks during the growing season of the plant. Finally, keep in mind that Cleom has a very rapid expansion. Therefore, even if it is not necessary, we recommend pruning the stalks periodically to prevent seeds from falling and other seedlings from forming.

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