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England want final, pairing decided – OA Sport

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The group stage of the Autumn National Cup will end between Saturday and Sunday, and the pairing for the final round will be decided this weekend. The new international tournament will be crowned this year, replacing the autumn Test matches that were canceled due to Kovid-19. Everything is still ready to be captured.

Let’s start with Group B in Italy. With Fiji that had to be lost Scotland already have three games, and are temporarily top of the table with 11 points, Thanks to the victory over Italy and Fiji and the bonus defeat against France. Saturday night’s match in Paris was decisive.

With the victory, France will come first Within a week the Grand Final will be played, with Scotland second, Italy third and Fiji fourth. Paris is an experimental France, so anything can happen. Italy can no longer claim first place, but by beating the Blues it will unexpectedly rise to second place, But it is necessary to look at the offensive and defensive bonuses and points difference (Italy will either win 5-0, or if they win 5-1 or 4-0 it will score 8 points more than the Blues), will be the final classification to know what.

The situation in Group A is even more interesting. England take the lead with two of their two victories, beating Georgia and Ireland, with the first leg ending in Wales on Saturday. A win or draw means England are guaranteed first place, while knockout without bonuses will reopen all games.. Why Wales won with a bonus and the British came first, When it is Sunday Ireland cannot afford any wrongdoing against Georgia. A win with an Irish bonus would bring all three teams to an equal point, with differences in points, goals scored, and finalists allowed to decide.

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