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England max out on points for World Cup 2022 qualifiers

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The qualifying rounds for the upcoming 2022 World Cup are well underway and the ‘three lions’ are speeding ahead in their group as they earn a maximum of nine points for their three games.

Competing against San Marino, Albania and lastly Poland, convincing performances, clever tactics and luck of the draw has made England’s victory of progressing to the World Cup more of a reality than fantasy.

Kane goes for gold and scores

Earning an early lead in the match during the 19th minute of game play, Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur scored a penalty, following on from a challenge between Michal Helik and Raheem Sterling.

As his 34th international goal from the penalty spot, Kane proved he remains to be England material even though the team seemed to lose some of their initial spark from the first half of the game.

Kane has also been a headliner this week in a massive blow to the transfer window as Tottenham have refused to sell Kane, leaving Real Madrid, Man City and Man Utd down and out for what could have been one of the biggest transactions of the year so far.

Midfield showed impressive strength throughout game

Where dominance seemed to fade as the game progressed into the second half, the midfield consistently held its momentum with West Ham United’s Declan Rice stepping up to the mark and showing his true worth to the England team.

Growing in confidence from game to game there’s plenty of potential for the player in big tournaments and following on from his remarkable efforts and solid performance in the Poland game, it makes perfect sense he should also make the starting team for the upcoming fixture against Croatia in Wembley, June 13.

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Defence raises concerns for future matches

Where midfield showed strength and stability throughout, the defence certainly showed some concerning flaws which could have been disastrous for the overall outcome of the matchup.

Thankfully for the English team, major threat Lewandowski was not in the game, meaning things could have been very different on the scoreboard. Even without the nemesis on the field, cracks showed in the defence with undue hesitations and some quite frank carelessness on the field.

However, even though defender John Stones seemed at points more like a sheep in headlights during game play, his major highlight of the game was setting up the winning shot for Maguire.

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