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England beat England at Wembley

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Stephen Kenny’s Gareth Southgate lost 3-0 in a friendly at Wembley Stadium. England defeated Ireland for the first time in 35 years.

The world number four was slow to go, putting some early pressure on Ireland, however, there was only one winner in this one-sided relationship as the hosts took the lead.

The first half goals from Harry Maguire and Jadon Sancho gave Gareth Southgate the lead at half-time, with Dominic Calvert-Levin making no mistake from the penalty spot in the 56th minute.

Gareth Southgate named the talented but inexperienced England team after Ireland went down to the bare bones again, with Seamus Coleman the latest player to be sent off before kickoff, repeating an old injury.

The 1966 World Cup winner, Nobby Stiles, a member of the international team of former Ireland manager Jack Charlton, reflected a moment of the game to remember his death earlier this year.

The last time the two teams met was in 2015 in Dublin, where the teams scored a scoreless draw, the slow start of tonight’s clash in front of an empty arena in London as a result of the Corona virus.

England’s high press began to close in early exchanges, however, and the home team forced two angles, giving Tyrone Mings an opportunity in the distant post; Time helps to influence the ode to the defender.

But then Ireland started to play, they stretched the home side on multiple occasions and played fast from the back to the front with the always active Daryl Horgan holding a lot on the right side.

A dangerous ball across the face, followed by a free kick from outside the box from a continuous spell of the game, but the ball crossing the six yard box was called offside and called offside.

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John Egan had to be sidelined in action in the 14th minute as a result of an early head injury, and West Brom youngster Dara Ozia was replaced by a Sheffield United player.

England came out on top again and the next Darren Randolph floped the ball into the ring back into the post but the scoring opening came 17 minutes later as Bukayo Saka got better with a response rather than from you.

A minute later, the deadlock collapsed, and the home side took control of this friendly heart match.

Unable to clear a corner completely, he helped the ball bounce back from the right side of the box, allowing Harry Maguire to score a run to Ireland captain Shane Duffy before Randolph’s header into the corner of the net.

England kept the pressure on in the last three as the momentum intensified. In the 27th minute, Maguire hit Duffy in the air again, but this time the header touched the top.

Jack Greilish and Jadon Sancho relied on their set pieces for England’s clean and tidy play, and they had already scored eight corners in the 30th minute.

The home side capitalized on a more serene pass through the edge of the box as Ireland failed to clear.

Greelish and Sancho reconnected, this time with the former Ireland Under-21 international ball cut to the left by the Borussia Dortmund man.

An intelligent touch to the right foot and the ball flew into the distant post through the legs of Jeff Hendrick and beyond the clinical finish beyond Randolph.

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Suddenly, Ireland stretched left and right as they played their own half at half-time and fought hard to keep the deficit at just two at half-time.

The half-time break gave Kenny a welcome welcome, however, as England re-emerged to play early in the second half, with Grealish and Saka close in the first five minutes of the second period.

A training match for the home team was made more realistic from the empty arena, with Ireland remaining in their own half until goal number three inevitably arrived.

Ten minutes into the second half, Cyrus Christie kicked Saka, who was riding his bike, and the referee did not hesitate to point to the spot.

Everton striker Dominic Calvert-Levin sent a penalty kick into the top corner, leaving the Ireland keeper with no chance to stay on the team with more than half an hour left to play.

Ireland’s answer was to throw three subs, along with James McLean, Robbie Brady and Kevin Long, but the blue wave did not settle and they sat at their own half against the white wall.

Maguire should have scored four for the hosts in the 66th minute, but he could not help his header home from the goal yard, enough to distract Manchester United from the England captain’s long hang out.

With 20 minutes left for Ronan Curtis and Jason Molambi to make further changes to Ireland, Ireland suddenly became clear when Alan Browne was dragged to the edge of the box.

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Preston North End midfielder was shot in the eye and Dean Henderson was saved on foot from a nearby post when the best effort hit the target.

Another chance for Ireland in the 80th minute Curtis tested his luck from a distance after a superb run through fellow midfielder Sub Molumbi. But again Henderson was behind the shot.

England went down in gear in the closing stages and Ireland maintained a consolation, however, Duffy’s injury time flew over the title bar and became the game’s last chance.

An unimportant match, however, the new manager has now gone on to win six games and may question the logic of facing such a high-profile team at this point, especially with two Nations League games coming up next week.

England: Nick Pope (Dean Henderson HT); Michael Keane, Harry Maguire, Tyrone Mings (Ainsley Mightland-Niles 61); Reese James, Mason Mount (Jude Bellingham 73), Harry Winks, Jack Greilish (Phil Foden), Bucca Saka; Dominic Calvert-Levine (Tommy Abraham 63), Jadon Sancho.

Ireland: Darren Randolph; Cyrus Christie (Kevin Long 61), Matt Doherty, Shane Duffy, John Egan (Dara Ozia 14); Conor Harry Rhine (Jason Molambi 71), Jeff Hendrick, Alan Browne; Daryl Horgan (Robbie Brady 61), Kalam O’Dowd (McLean 60), Adam Ida (Ronan Curtis 71).

Referee: Carlos del Zero Grande (ESP).

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