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Google, a US Internet and technology services company, this week decided to end its unlimited storage space for images on Google Photo Services.

The company has announced that the unlimited storage storage policy for photos and videos will end in early June, as any new photos or videos that the user uploads to the storage will be stored in the 15 gigabytes of storage storage space that comes with each user. Google Account.

(June) The Channel website states that all photos and videos uploaded by any user before June 1 will not be considered within the maximum space available for a Google Account.

The American giant has also added a new tool tool to help users manage their storage storage space.

Google announced a new policy last November, aimed at encouraging people to subscribe to Google’s paid storage service, Google One.

Google One plans to offer 100GB of storage space in the United States for $ 2 a month, along with other services such as the Google Store discount.

When the new policy goes into effect, more than 80 percent of existing Google Photo users will be able to store their photos and videos for up to three years, with account holders having up to 15 GB available.

As the user approaches full use of free space, Google will notify the user via the Google Photo app or e-mail.

Storage The time limit available to the user for native storage can also be determined in light of the frequency with which photos and videos are stored in his Google Account.


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