Empty Twickenham will not change England’s will to win – Dylan Hartley

Eddie Jones sprung a surprise when he last coached against Georgia in 2015

Dylan Hartley does not expect England players to play in a Twickenham during Saturday’s Autumn Nations Cup campaign against Georgia.

The former national team captain believes that the lack of spectators has affected the quality of some Gallagher premiership matches.

For the first time since the onset of the corona virus pandemic, England will be playing at headquarters this weekend, but one big difference will be the lack of atmosphere.

Hartley, a pundit for Amazon Prime video at the tournament, told PA News Agency: “I look at club players and notice the lack of enthusiasm of some players in certain games.

“But everyone on that England team, you shouldn’t be an international player without a drive and hunger internally. You do not need external factors to play well.

“They want to be number one – to win for England and put their best foot forward in the selection. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. ”

Given the state of the country, Hartley hopes that Eddie Jones will bring something to the country with a smile and that this will be a constant conversation throughout his life as captain.

He added: “As a team they talk about the passion they can give to the country and motivate people.

“At a time when people are looking for some kind of joy and entertainment, they can provide it, and they are actively talking about it.

“Playing a way of entertainment is dangerous. I know you should not go that route. What do children ultimately like, and what do supporters support? They like winning teams. If they succeed, that is the important thing. ”

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During Saturday’s match against Georgia, England’s head coach suggested he play nine forwards – the same tactic he used against Japan ahead of the 2015 World Cup.

Although Jones did not go ahead with the idea, Hartley believes it will take time to loosen the stereotypes of positions.

“It’s not provocative to suggest that you have hybrid players, because outside of scrumming and line outs, I would say the game already has hybrid players,” the former Northampton captain insisted.

“Ellis Jenge can play back-row or center and Manu Tuilagi, he can play hooker if he wants, so I think we’re already there.

Eddie Jones created a surprise when he last coached against Georgia in 2015 (Andrew Mathews / PA)

“The tradition of the hooker is to throw the ball or put the ball in the scroll-half. You need someone who has the courage not to do that and to try something else. ”

Hartley, 34, was a stunning spectator at England training on Wednesday. Mako Wunipola himself introduced the group with a “heartfelt welcome”.

97Cap International expressed its surprise at how much the game has changed over the past two years.

From the pitch, he will be part of Amazon Prime Video’s first coverage of the sport, which includes their innovative postcam – eight custom cameras that capture close – up shots of goal-line activity – all in England’s competition.

Hartley seems to have already developed in the sport since he was confirmed to retire in November 2019 following a knee injury.

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“When I went to see the England boys’ train yesterday, it was like ‘I don’t know how I did this, because they’re like superheroes,'” Hartley said.

“Sport is something you always do romantically when you play it, and it was part of my desire to go, because I know it even when I play the game.

“Philosophy has changed, it’s like any sport, it’s always evolving, and if you are at the forefront of that evolution you are usually one of the strongest teams.

“I see England as one of those teams, so I wanted to understand how the game developed, and in two years it changed.”

:: The Autumn National Cup Rugby Union is coming to Amazon Prime Video, airing only 13 of the 16 matches from November 14, including the tournament finals.

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