Empty toy store to open in Dublin ahead of Christmas

Empty toy store to open in Dublin ahead of Christmas

An “empty toy store” is set to open in Dublin on Thursday, December 20 until Sunday.

The pop-up shop at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SVP) at 51 Henry Street will only sell empty toy boxes in exchange for a donation of $ 5 or more.

The shop is the brainchild of SVP and its creative agency, Huskies, and is part of SVP’s annual appeal campaign this year to encourage people to donate in a different way.

Although food and toys will not be physically delivered to people’s homes this Christmas, the charity said the funds will go to people in need during the festival.

“Because of Kovid-19 security concerns, there are no physical visits to people’s homes this Christmas,” said SVP National President Rose McGowan.

This means that society’s ability to deliver toys and food is limited.



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“Therefore, in addition to financial donations, we request exchangeable vouchers for all types of gifts: toys, books, music, clothing, etc.

“Funds raised at the empty toy shop will be ring-fenced to give away vouchers for toys until Christmas and New Year.”

SVP volunteers and staff will work at the pop-up shop, which is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Those who can’t visit the empty toy shop in Dublin can also buy an empty toy box from their local SVP Vincent’s shop.

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