Emmanuel Macron’s investment, legislator … 6 news you’ll hear tomorrow

Emmanuel Macron's investment, legislator ... 6 news you'll hear tomorrow

6:56 PM, 6 May 2022

1. Emmanuel Macron invests a second time

Official Announcement of Presidential Election Results, Grand Collar of the Legion of Honor, Marcellusbagad de Lann-Bihoué (Bretton band representing the National Navy), 21 artillery shells … these symbols will mark tomorrow The ceremony ofInvestment for the second five-year term of Emmanuel Macron. In Elysee’s opinion, everything is meant to be sensible Speech by the Head of State “Not a public policy speech” And more “Will be part of the country’s history and open to the future”, According to Emmanuel Macron’s adviser.

About 500 people will attend, including the head of state’s family, members of government, key officials in the Assembly and Senate, and formed intermediate bodies, academies and places of worship. . Former Presidents Nicolas Sarkozy, Franസ്ois Hollande and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe were also invited. ; Such as caregivers, elected officials, athletes or association heads.

2. This weekend, the parties are entering the deep end of the Assembly elections

  • When the second term of Emmanuel Macron begins A majority of the President plans to announce the continuation and finalization of the nominations for the June 12 and 19 Assembly elections. There are still 390 constituencies to be filled and about 200 office bearers are waiting to know their fate.
  • Tomorrow, Republican Party The campaign for the Assembly elections will also begin. About 400 people, including 100 candidates, will attend the National Council, which will be held behind closed doors at the party headquarters.
  • To the left, An investment convention of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union has been organized in Obervilleers, Near Paris, behind Jean-Luc Mൻlenchon are now expected leaders of four left-wing allies: La France Inzomis, EELV, PCF and PS.
  • Finally, The recovery movement of Eric Semour Training day is organized for 550 job seekers in five weeks.
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3. Boris Johnson strikes in Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson at a school in London on Friday.


The British Prime Minister was defeated in yesterday’s local elections in Britain. In England, if the loss of conservative municipalities in favor of the Labor Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens occurs only in the middle of the parliamentary majority term, the results of the ballot to renew the Irish Assembly may be even more problematic.

Sinn F‌in, a nationalist and proponent of reunification with Ireland, actually took the lead yesterday in an election that was detrimental to the Protestant allies of the Conservatives in London. If tomorrow’s end results confirm this trend, Boris Johnson will again find it difficult to control relations with Ireland and the European Union.

The Protestant parties, who were brought to co-operate within the executive in Belfast under the terms of the Community Reconciliation Agreements agreed fifteen years ago, still reject the Northern Irish Post-Brexit Protocol.

4. Coupe de France: Nice or Nantes, who celebrates?

Good captain, Dante, Nantes captain, goalkeeper Alban Lafont, here Pedro is wearing a smile.

Good captain, Dante, Nantes captain, goalkeeper Alban Lafont, here Pedro is wearing a smile.


Whoever wins the Coupe de France final tomorrow (9pm, France 2, Eurosport 2) in the Stade de France will be the end of a long drought. FC Nantes has not won anything since 2001; For my favorite OGC Nice, we have to go back to 1997.

The two owners are in a completely different situation. This will be a physically successful season for Voldemort Kita, who have beaten the Canaries since 2007. But anger at the club’s environment, from supporters to elected officials, He had earlier said that he would not attend the popular festival if he won.

A priori, English billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, he, if not choose Christoph brings the Galtier Trophy back to Promenade des Anglis. However, his offer to buy Chelsea was confirmed late last week, leaving his future attitude towards the Aiglons uncertain.

5. European Rugby Cup: Dangerous journey for Toulouse

Four French clubs are trying to enter a square, and one assurance emerges: at least one remains.

  • Tomorrow (6:30 pm, Sports 1) Last year’s unfortunate finalist, La Rochelle, receives Montpellier, the leader in the top 14, in one of the quarter-finals of the European Cup.. But the tricolor representatives in the semi-finals could be three, as Stade Toulouse and Racing 92 will work.
  • Having been a five-time European champion, the mission against Munster is dangerous Battery of vengeful Irish internationals (4 pm, France 2 and beIN Sports 1). Last season, in the 16th round, Toulouse (40-33) won for the first time in history in Limerick (40-33) in an environment where Covid was empty. This time around, the meeting will be hosted by Aviva in Dublin, Thomont Park, and Ed Sheeran.
  • Sunday (4pm, France 2, Bean Sports 1), Unpredictable Racing welcomes 92 Englishmen on sale.

6. A new festival to reactivate the twins between Paris and Rome

“Only Paris deserves Rome; Only Rome deserves Paris. ⁇ The two capitals are the only capitals in the world to have been promised unique twins in an agreement signed in 1956. Sixty-six years later, they intend to reactivate this somewhat forgotten historical connection. Looking forward to tomorrow, Europe Day (May 9), The city of Paris will be labeled Paris-Europe A new festival, Dolcevita-sur-Sein, The unveiling will also take place on the right bank from July 9 to 14. It will be a Double event of the famous El Isola Dell Film Festival, It takes place simultaneously on the island of Tiberias in Rome (as every summer for a quarter of a century).

In the program: outdoor film screenings, meetings, debates, photo exhibitions, tributes to Pasolini, Nino Rota’s concert, Fellini’s classics, Roman gastronomy, etc. All with free access.

We will tell you more in this article

We’re happy: Opera for all!

Find the back of the operas of France and Navarre. This is the desire The 15th edition of the Tous à l’Opéra event was named “Spotlight on the Workshops: From Tool Crafts to Performing Arts” this year.. From this Friday to Sunday, over thirty institutions across France welcome the public free of charge for guided tours, public rehearsals, and meetings with performing arts professionals.

In Paris, Opera Garnier opens its doors to costume workshops of its time (jackets, doubles, dresses, petticoats). The public can also follow the master class of Andre Clem, a professor at the Paris Opera Ballet. Workshops will be offered to get acquainted with the Montpellier Opera Construction of string and wind instruments, a close-up on harpsichord. Angers Nantes Opéra invites the public to participate in participatory dance workshops … Site Information tous-a-lopera.fr

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