Emmanuel Macron confirms talks are underway with the Taliban

Emmanuel Macron confirms talks are underway with the Taliban

The Afghan crisis has called for Saturday, August 28th Baghdad Summit Dedicated to the fight against terrorism and the sovereignty of Iraq. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan Attack The Islamic State in Khorasan (EI-K) on Thursday, in Kabul, caused some confusion in the exchanges.

“Regardless of the US election, we will maintain our presence in the fight against terrorism in Iraq as long as Iraq demands it.”, At a press conference in Baghdad first wanted to remind Emmanuel Macron. “We have the capacity to ensure this presence”, He added.

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But above all, the President of the Republic said that a dialogue was going on with the Taliban in Afghanistan. “We are in the process of negotiations. They continue to be very weak and temporary (…).

These exchanges take place with Qatar, which has the potential “Reopen airlifts” With Afghanistan. The Gulf Emirate has been hosting Taliban delegates for several years.

First meeting on Thursday in Doha

These air bridges “Evacuation operations will inevitably be allowed in a different framework, but within a framework, the Taliban will inevitably and systematically negotiate.”, Said Emmanuel Macron. “This is clearly a condition for any kind of (…) political interference with the Taliban.”The President of the Republic added.

The French delegation met with Taliban representatives in Doha on Thursday for the first time since taking office. They entered Kabul on August 15 after a lightning strike across the country parallel to the US military withdrawal announced by US President Joe Biden in the spring.

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In an interview In the Sunday Journal, The head of state announced on Monday that France and the United Kingdom would argue before the UN for a creation in Kabul. ” Safety Zone “. Emmanuel Macron explained that this protected area would allow human activities to continue in the area. It should be the subject of a draft resolution from London and Paris. Five permanent members of the Security Council will meet on Monday to discuss the Afghan crisis. The goal is to bring this “safe zone” under UN control.

“It’s very important. It will provide a framework for the United Nations to act in emergencies, and above all, it will allow everyone to meet their responsibilities and keep the international community under pressure from the Taliban.”, Said Emmanuel Macron.

More than 2,800 evacuations from Kabul

A Sunday newspaper, Emmanuel Macron said the evacuations were targeted “The military airport in Kabul will not do this”. “We’ll see if the capital’s civilian airport or neighboring countries can do it.”, He clarified.

Secretary of Defense Florence Parley made the announcement on Thursday The end of these evacuation operations When opening the door to another kind of human activity. Emmanuel Macron of Baghdad said France had already evacuated 2,834 people, including 142 French, 17 Europeans and 2,700 Afghans, on 15 flights since August 17.

As part of that, the United Kingdom also announced on Saturday that it would complete these operations. “Last flight of British Armed Forces officers departs from Kabul”, Ministry of Defense tweeted, Posts pictures of soldiers boarding a plane, feeling tense, and dragged. “Thanks to all who bravely served under great pressure and horrific circumstances to bring the most vulnerable civilians to safety.”, Ministry adds.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson also spoke Thank you For those who operated on evacuating more than 15,000 people in two weeks.

The Taliban have said all foreign forces should leave Afghanistan by August 31, which is the deadline for such an evacuation, despite dropping a large number of candidates.

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Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

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