Emma unveiled an adaptation of Donog’s novel


Along with Perg, Tom Burke, Niamh Algar, Elaine Cassidy, Cola Lord Cassidy, Toby Jones and Cieron Hinds are also in the Dermat Crowley and Brian F.C. Byrne and David Wilmot.

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Irish Midlands, 1859. Some call an English nurse, Lib Wright, to a small village and claim that it was a medical malpractice or miracle – that a girl lived without food for months. Tourists flocked to Anna O’Donnell’s cabin, and at eleven, a reporter went down to hide the conversation.

Miracle It is the story of two strangers who transform each other, a psychological thriller and a love story against evil.

Inspired by the historical phenomenon, Donog collaborated on his story Fasting girls Directed by Sebastian Lilio and written by Anos Birch and scripted by Donoghue.

Bringing the powerful novel to the screen Miracle It gives me the opportunity not only to portray the logic and belief of Emma Donogue, the collision between individual and community, obedience and rebellion, but also to explore my own interpretation of what a film era can be. Lilio said in a statement.

Add: ” The magnetic and courageous Florence Pug I couldn’t be more excited about portraying our extreme female character. I’re pleased to be reunited with Edgini and Element, and to be honored to have been privileged to work with Tessa Rose and House on Netflix. Miracle As his first feature film project in the UK .

Florence Pug recently starred Black widow From Marvel Studios, in the role of Yelena Belova in theaters in France from July 7. They also completed the filming of Olivia Wilde’s second feature film. Don’t worry Darley, With Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll and Harry Styles.

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Miracle Currently filming, a release is scheduled for Netflix in 2022, with no specific date yet.

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