Emma Heckel follows in big footsteps – Sports – News

Emma Heckel follows in big footsteps - Sports - News

The Regensburg cross-runner won gold and bronze at the Under-20 Championships. Dominica Meyer becomes Vice European Champion on Team

December 12, 2021
5:10 p.m.

Emma Heckle in Dublin has every reason to smile. Photo: Kurt Ring

Dublin.Emma Heckel followed in the big footsteps. In Dublin, a runner from LG Teles Finance Regensburg won a bronze medal in the under-20 age group after a thrilling race, becoming the European champion with the German team, which included four starters in the top nine.

“It’s the best race she’s ever run,” said coach Kurt Ring, a 2002 athlete who has been studying in the USA since the summer. “Corinna Horror – Bronze at the European Cross-Country Championships, Miriam Datke – Bronze at the European Cross-Country Championships: She’s in a worthy position now!” Still a major contributor after the excellent third German Dominica mayor. In the women’s team silver, Ring said, “It was a tremendous performance after a very difficult autumn. It shows once again how great a place our people are.


Stop Abdominal Miriam Dattke

The top runner from Regensburg should be eliminated from the marathon debut in Valencia. Team colleague Emma Heckle sits down and watches you.

Emma Heckel took the lead for half of the four-kilometer run. Just 600 meters from the finish, Brit Magan Keith ran five seconds faster (13:41 minutes) and the Norwegian Ingborg Ostgard improved two seconds in the final sprint. Aneke Wortmeyer (Duisburg / fifth place) Mia Jurenka (Cinderella / seventh) and Johanna Pulte (Wenden / 9) secured the team gold.

Not sure until the end

“It was a tough match with strong competition. But this good match is important because it helped me push myself to the end, ”Hekel said of her performance. “I was not sure until the end whether it would be enough for a medal. I noticed there was still a group behind me, and then I tried to get everything out, hoping no one would overtake me, and Somer won bronze at the U-20 European Championships in Tallinn, ending a great year for her.

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Emma Heckel won a bronze medal at US University

The young runner from LG Teles Finance won overseas and scored cross-country goals in Europe at the end of the year.

Dominica Meyer joins the German team to win a silver medal in the women’s eight-kilometer race. Norwegian European champion Carolyn Berkeley Grovedel (26:34), Sweden’s Meraf Bahta (26:44), Alina Reh (bronze) (26:53) and Constance Closterhalfen (27:12) laid the foundation. In 21st place, the mayor made a lot of contributions. The start of the 2020 German cross champion has long been in doubt, but in Ireland she has once again demonstrated her fighting skills. “Actually, it shouldn’t have started,” Ring explained, referring to injury, booster vaccination and the common cold.

A telescoping newcomer is also brave

Also, in the men’s race, a newcomer from Regensburg, who stood in front of the door and returned in the absence of Simon Boch, performed brilliantly: Philimon Abraham ran bravely: with him the German team, having previously competed for the LG Festina Rupertwinkle. Samuel Sibathu Fitwi (LG Vulcanifel) was 14th, ninth, Johannes Moshman (SCC Berlin) was 39th and seventh.


Emma made a bronze coup with her brain

Heckel Tallinn, a Regensburg Teles racer, keeps track of the 5000m at the Under-20 European Championships.

The German cross-country championship in Zonesbeck awaits the end of the year on Saturday for LG Teles Finance, where all Teles aces except Miriam Datke will be running. (cw / orv)

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